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A Smarter Lena

We all knew that the targeted demographic would make a good showing of themselves, irrespective of the pantload the other side is peddling. Misery doesn’t really love company but it is an equal opportunity employer and the bloody nose this administration has given us over the last four years demands equal bloodletting.

Women do get it, even the true feminist types; no 2 by 4 upside the head is required.

The gang member, a guy in the band, even the jock quarterback, all women need a bit of danger in their lives when they are young. For dudes, dating that girl who is also going for the notches on the bedpost, that will make you hurt in the morning, the ones that you will reminisce about 30 years later, equally reckless but necessary. But we all move on, we get smart, we chalk it up to youthful impetuousness and indiscretion, smile, then grow the eff up.

As mentioned in other posts over the years, I don’t begrudge anyone for voting for the empty suit. Biden reminded us, he was clean and articulate, he could spin a mean yarn, oh, and that magic stuff with the oceans, who wouldn’t get on board with that? Some new ideas (or the promise of them) sounded reasonable and since I am a firm believer that if one party screws things up, the other party should get a whack at it, I was not depressed believing that we only had ourselves to blame. But these ladies have it right, we all make mistakes , the smart people learn from them.