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Left redefines patriotism again!

Remember the good old days when anyone that vehemently hated the old Bush guard and “spoke truth to power” against them was being patriotic for evil fascist challenging government? You might not, since now that anyone doing the same, since the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania street has a (D) next to his name, gets called a racist for doing so.

Well, it looks like we have another such a moment in the works. We got a revelation from The Tennessean that Obamacare will not only cost us far more than we pay now, but will also make everyone wait longer for care. That’s exactly what everyone that heard these idiots on the left promise that if we passed this big ass over 2K pages bill nobody knew, to find out what was in it, would never happen. We would suddenly have to provide care for anywhere from 20 to 40 million more people, depending on who was telling us how many people suffered from lack of government provided “free” care, with the same number of professional providers we have now, or if you are inclined to believe these idiots and their fantasies a few more, and it would all happen without either longer waits, higher costs, and even rationing of the worst kind, because they, as all powerful, collectivist progressive government autocrats that know everything better than the peasants, magically would overcome the laws of physics, biology, economics, and human nature. So now it is no longer evil racists saying so, but it is coming straight from a think tank the state’s largest health insurer, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, launched this year to study the interface between public policy and health care.

But don’t despair! The left has an answer to this revelation. That great round guy, with a mass a little shy of that of a small moon, that has made himself stinking rich producing idiotic movies he claims are documentaries about the evils of capitalism and the glory of the Cuban government controlled healthcare system, and charging leftists twerps a lot of money to watch these freak shows – talk about an evil capitalist – has a solution! And it is a doozy. Patriotic Americans will not at all mind waiting longer for healthcare! Seriously, that’s their answer. Of course they are pretending this only can and will happen for those that have to wait for non life-threatening care, but only a dunce or a Marxist ideological twit buy that nonsense. Everyone will wait. And there will be rationing of the worst kind. It’s how this stuff ALWAYS works, and you can look to the systems in Western Europe that our aristocracy wants to give us here. There is a reason that our public sector servants excused themselves and their “bestest buddies” from this abomination of a power grab masquerading as “free healthcare” for all the people. At least now we know it’s patriotic to wait on government to service you like a bull services cows.