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Thanks Dad

As the saying goes,”Any swinging dick can procreate, but taking on the responsibilities of being a full time father, that means something”. Sunday is Father’s Day. It was never celebrated in my house because I was raised by a single mom, they divorced when I was 2 but now that I am a dad myself, it has become important.

I wanted to write a serious post about the subject and hope folks will chime in. There is lots of different avenues we can take this, such as:
Are dads even necessary?
What can dads teach kids?
What influences did your dad have in your life?
If you grew up without a dad, did it effect you adversely or were you none the lesser for it?
What are some of the things you plan on instilling in your kids?

Things that I am interested in would be life’s lessons that your dad taught you that you think important to pass along, stuff that each generation needs for a better life.

For my own self I would of liked someone around that would show me how to fix things, how to work on cars, home repair, how things work, that kind of stuff. Although I have always been a good athlete and excelled in sports, it would have been nice to have someone around who could show me the proper way to throw a curveball, a perfect spiral or a top spin forehand without muddying through it trial and error method like I had to do.

Although mom was great and did her best, there are some things boys need to learn from a man, things like honor, humility, responsibility, a proper work ethic, and how to treat and respect women. All these things are on my curriculum for my son.

It is hard to know if I suffered at all growing up without a dad. My wife had such a super relationship with her dad, she was the baby of the family and was the apple of his eye, he died a few years ago but I’ll always remember how each lit up when they were together.

So, here is your chance to let dad know how much you appreciate him, what life’s lessons did he instill in you that made you a better man?