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And the fallout from Obama’s failed Syria efforts, begins.

So Obama had to put away his Syrian war boner because Putin played him. The winners in that event were clearly Assad and Putin. The clear loser is US credibility. The left is desperate to pretend otherwise, but I am predicting that they won’t pull it off. These amateurs are just too full of themselves and too stupid to know better. So now, with everyone basically saying Obama is weak, they are desperate to look though.

Let me make a prediction: unless Obama needs another distraction for his scandals at home, this administration won’t attack Iran. The left has no interest in using the military to protect American interests and Americans. To them the US military is a fucking bunch of Neanderthals to be used to do humanitarian bullshit. The only time they think US armed forces should be used is when it costs America and produces nothing, or when they stand to profit from the use themselves, directly, which is exactly what Syria was about. Iran has nothing to worry about. Our credentialed elite are going to talk all though, but as long as the Iranians just lay low, they will get to keep building their nukes & doing their thing in the ME without any fear from the current administration.

Despite their need to look all butch after Putin bitchslapped them silly, the Obama admin has no desire to do things that help America. Watch them waste millions in another missile strike in some no name, no where spot, where there will be no effective reason or value for the US. The odds of this escalate as this administration becomes more desperate for some cover to distract people from their many malfeasances at home. I hear Jimmy Carter is doing the manu-weasel with a modified jig. Obama has taken the title of most ineffective dunce from him. Narcissus called Obama: he wants his game back, dude.

More Dropping Like A Stone

“We’re number………….oh, forget it”,yeah, American exceptionalism has taken a beating. Gone are the days of us kicking ass and taking names (even if they were hyphenated names), gone are the days of swagger ,of clout, and wielding power from a position of strength. The new “Forward” would give Orwell a chuckle. Obama got his wish, we are just like everybody else;

Scandinavian countries top the list of world’s most prosperous nations… but U.S. drops out of top ten for the first time.
Norway has been crowned the most prosperous country in the world for the fifth year running.
But the U.S. has dropped out of the Legatum Prosperity Index’s top ten for the first time to 12th position.
According to the annual survey, which benchmarks 142 countries worldwide, the UK has continued to lag, retaining its place 13th in the list.

In going over the benchmarks of this index (I had never heard of it before) it seems that all the bases are covered;

economy, education, entrepreneurship & opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety & security and social capital.

A general “happiness” quotient can be inferred by providing folks those essentials that promote happiness, which is pretty much universal.

My initial reaction was that the top 3 are generally considered nanny staters (high taxation/cradle to grave entitlements) and this might not play out so well, here, but the next 2 are not, and really if the folks are content with how things are run, isn’t that what freedom and liberty is all about?

Most times I feel like AMD in an Intel world, a dissatisfaction with our (my country’s) state of affairs, I know we can do better. Other nations have done better, have provided a blue print for success and prosperity and it is annoying as hell to see us falling behind, to see others excelling where we are failing. Patton was right, Americans expect to win and have disgust for losers, the very thought of defeat (or even mediocrity) is hateful. No, I’m not saying when Romney wins (Yes, Kimpost, this is wishful thinking, DUH!!) things will change over night. But Dean Wormer was right, an intervention is needed.