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And the fallout from Obama’s failed Syria efforts, begins.

So Obama had to put away his Syrian war boner because Putin played him. The winners in that event were clearly Assad and Putin. The clear loser is US credibility. The left is desperate to pretend otherwise, but I am predicting that they won’t pull it off. These amateurs are just too full of themselves and too stupid to know better. So now, with everyone basically saying Obama is weak, they are desperate to look Read more

More Dropping Like A Stone

“We’re number………….oh, forget it”,yeah, American exceptionalism has taken a beating. Gone are the days of us kicking ass and taking names (even if they were hyphenated names), gone are the days of swagger ,of clout, and wielding power from a position of strength. The new “Forward” would give Orwell a chuckle. Obama got his wish, we are just like everybody else;

Scandinavian countries top the list of world’s most prosperous nations… but U.S. drops

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