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John Oliver Nails It; So Does Rubio; And So Does Cruz

So John Oliver broadcast this epic takedown of Trump last night:

In addition, Rubio has been hitting him hard as had Cruz. I’ve especially been impressed by Ted Cruz. Rubio is getting all the attention right now and becoming the default non-Trump (at least tin the media). But Cruz is being a team player, staying on message and refraining from attacking Rubio. He’s slowly putting Texas out of reach for Trump (and not-Trump’s should vote for Cruz in Texas, rather than Rubio. If Cruz gets 50% of the vote, Trump gets zero delegates). It’s made me much more sanguine about a potential Rubio-Cruz alliance.

However, a part of me thinks this is too little too late. Trump is still leading the polls and this morning’s CNN poll indicated that he may be surging toward 50%. And I think a part of that blame for this goes to the media. Where was this John Oliver takedown months ago when it might have made a difference? Right now, the media are castigating Rubio for making jokes about Trump’s hands. But they paid no attention to him when he talked policy (and he’s still talking policy; the jokes are a couple of lines in 30-45 minute speeches).

The media were happy to play along with the Trump show when it looked like it was just going to hurt the Republican Party. But now that he might the nominee, suddenly they’re realizing what kind of person he is? I’m glad to have them along, finally. But this is not because they want the best Republican nominee possible. This is because they’re starting to ramp up for a general campaign and they’re suddenly realizing what they’ve helped create.