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The Left Wing is atwitter over documents leaked from the Heartland Institute, a think tank that is at the forefront of climate skepticism. There’s a bunch of stuff there but … I’m kind of unimpressed. Most of it is about raising money from the likes of the Eeevil Koch Brothers. These are the evil pair who funded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature program which … um, confirmed the purported temperature trends using the most robust analysis yet. Yeah, so … uh … get your Evil Act together guys!

The most damning document is about coordinating a campaign aimed at teachers to spread misinformation about climate science. However, Heartland is saying that while the other documents are real, this one is a fake.

We’ll see what shakes out. As with Climategate, I suspect this will turn out to be overblown. Heartland pushes climate skepticism and so they collect donations from people whose business interests might be harmed by global warming legislation. This is neither surprising nor revelatory. The same game is played by business interests who would benefit from global warming legislation, such as Obama’s entire multi-billion dollar “green energy” program and the failed European cap and trade experiment.

Let’s stick to the science and ignore who is funding whom.

Update: This “scandal” is falling apart as we speak. Megan McArdle goes through the bad memo and shows why it’s at least odd, if not faked. And the Koch Brothers indicate their support or Heartlands was for health programs, not climate issues. Yes, climate hysterics, Heartland does more than climate skepticism.

Do you think any of the Lefties cackling with glee over this are going to admit it if this memo is shown to be a fake? I’m not holding my breath.