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Voting As If Your Life Depended On It

I found this interesting, more fun with charts;

American citizens residing in Israel have a different take on who they think has Israel’s back;

According to my sources, iVoteIsrael held a press conference today, at which they announced that 85%(!!!!) of the ballots cast by American citizens residing in Israel for the US elections went to Mitt Romney. 85%!!!!!

Not quite as monolithic as the black vote here in America but statement making nonetheless.

You can find some more interesting charts here. The “Presidential vote 2012 on the issues” chart was also quite revealing. The Romney voters feel a sense of urgency on several matters, jobs/Iran/taxation/Jerusalem-Palestine relations, all pressed to the fore front. But the Obama voters, hey, life is good, we got our Obamacare, everything else? No Big Whoop.

Naturally, when the issues have a direct bearing on the quality of your own life (like, “How does Iran nuking my neighborhood affect me?”) your take may be different from say the casual observer a few thousand miles away. Much like Arizona with immigration and Michigan with the auto bailout, their perspective is going to be different from the typical New Yorker or Bostonian.

I would also suspect that the majority of these voters are not Jewish since we know of their affinity for the current president, but is it possible that a Manhattan residing Jew might not feel the same sense of urgency or peril as that of say a Tel Aviv Jew? Too bad they don’t talk more.