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Hey Mr. DJ: Iron Lady Edition

Another once-powerful leader dies. The fact that the gifted leaders of the world pass on doesn’t exactly trouble me. Nobody is immortal, regardless of his or her accomplishments. The problem I have is that every time we lose a Reagan or Thatcher it becomes more and more obvious how weak and ineffectual the leaders of this time really are by comparison. We aren’t replacing or succeeding them. “Helpless” may be the most appropriate term for today’s heads of state.

Thatcher was certainly not helpless. Just the opposite: she over-reached and wouldn’t back down. And she’s been a “former PM” ever since. None of the West’s leaders have balls like that. Losing power for the sake of ideals? No, they just won’t gamble that. Fucking wets.

This thread is dedicated to her with music by and about the mighty Rebas. All the strong women you bitches can’t handle. In the absence of “strong and positive role model”, I will also accept “terrified the men around them with ruthless ball-busting”. Or even just redheads.

Feel free to also share some British music from the time she was PM (1979 to 1990). You have the whole 80’s to work with here. Wow. I would think “strong women” would be an easy one for you to find some decent songs, but you can certainly fall back on 80’s Britpop if you’re that misogynistic and desperate. See if I care.

Depending on your outlook, you may also choose to note the hubris that ended her political career or even the ghoulishness of those who celebrated her death.

There are no dedications this week, being that it is a death thread.

The Greatest by Cat Power

Walk in the Sky by Bonobo (w/Bajka)

We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner. Yes, this song completely fucking sucks by her standards and she looks totally ridiculous in that costume, but she’s a strong female role model and the song is from the movie about Thunderdome. Work with me. I’m tired.

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