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These People Make Me Sick

…………..on so many levels.

Take a gander at what some of our future leaders think;

“It would be so cool to have a woman/Albino/midget/paraplegic/illegal alien/double amputee/Native American/feminist/vegan/ferret lover/toothless Thai transgender hooker for president, yea us because we are so diverse.”

One of the biggest complaints I have with Foxnews is that they have turned into the Hillary Network, at least the opinion shows have. Hard news through out the day is usually fine but after 5, they are unwatchable. We get Rove making himself relevant by throwing out stories about her break down and suspect competence (he’s one to talk), too many stories to account about Chelsea getting knocked up and her political future, and Bill hitting the cocktail circuit (and the cocktails, he looks not long for this earth) doing damage control both for his wife’s career and for the chubby intern making more news.

I’m not surprised that these “voters” draw a blank when trying to list a Hillary accomplishment, the world is worse off. Sure, you could plant that in Obama’s front yard (Kerry, is no better), but here’s the deal, foreign policy is not complicated, the goal is to have your friends trust you, your enemies fear you, and the rest of the world to respect you. We have none of that now.

I have never seen a much more anticipated coronation, like ever, so I guess it is inevitable that every waking moment of news reporting will have the Hillary stench attached. It’s going to a long next couple a years.