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Al Franken, With Tits

Guess who is running for the State Senate in California;Bn3HLVRCAAA9UvU

I know what you’re thinking, Franken’s man boobs are much bigger, but Sandra has a bigger dick.

Looking over her ad, I’m trying to figure out what exactly she won wrt Rush? Sure, his unartful comments launched her career, so in that respect she should thank him, but the ad insinuates some competition took place and she was somehow the victor. Getting someone famous to talk about you is winning?

This also caught my eye ,”Sandra spent the last decade passing important legislation and fighting for our progressive values”, where exactly was she doing this passing of important legislation, in the local NY free VD clinic? Didn’t know law students moonlight as legislators.

And I’m not sure why she moved to California, carpetbagger. That wacky progressive agenda she adheres to plays big where she was.

But I see her as a shoe in ,”Vote for me, I know how to get free shit, hell, I got them to pay for my 8 buck a month birth control prescription, and I can do the same for you. Society owes you and I’m just the one to deliver, a vote for Sandra is a vote for you getting paid, dog”.