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Turkeys and Drumsticks 2014

For seven years running, I have taken advantage of the Thanksgiving Holiday to give out my awards for Turkey of the Year and Golden Drumsticks. The latter are for those who exemplify the best traits in our public sphere. The former are for those who exemplify silliness and stupidity. I rarely give them out to someone who is evil; they are reserved for those who regularly make me shake my head and wonder what they’re … Read more

The Fantasies of Government

I found this story amusing, but not for the reasons Vox intended. In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving back a week in the calendar. Vox goes into the culture war that erupted but I was more interested in his motivation for doing so:

Since the late 19th century, Thanksgiving had traditionally been celebrated on the final Thursday in November. But in 1939, Roosevelt’s seventh year in office, that last Thursday fell on November 30. And

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Happy Thanksgiving to all

Want to wish all of you put there a happy Thanksgiving. Take this time to be with the people you love, if you can, and reflect on all the good we have. Tomorrow we can get back to bitching about how the political aristocracy is destroying our country and the world.

Be safe if you have to travel. Enjoy your day, but do not take unnecessary risks. If you have the chance, enjoy a good … Read more

On Thanksgiving day, a reminder to all

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Mine is going to be a rotten one. I will spare you the details of why and instead focus on one of the biggest problems I see us facing in America: the people that shape and spread the narrative are doing it to protect the ideological agenda, and it is only going to get worse until we admit that what they believe in, no matter how noble they pretend it … Read more

All Roads Lead To Obama

I was going to title this post, “All misery leads to Obama” but fair play dictates that he gets the praise if things go swimmingly in the next four years, but either way, he owns it all.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the time where we all reflect, take stock of the cornucopia of good fortune in front of us, I’m feeling hard pressed to orate any litany of blessings. For the right thinkers here, a … Read more

Timeless Lessons

World temperatures will ebb and flow, but one constant remains, human nature is what it is. He was wrong when then candidate Obama told Joe the plumber that it is good for everyone when you spread the wealth around, as wrong as that failed experiment with socialism when the Pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock, a noble endeavor, but clearly unworkable when you factor in the human condition. What’s mine is only mine if it … Read more

Football Rules

Let’s ease into the week with this amusement from the WSJ. It’s 32 rules for family Thanksgiving touch football:

3. The game must be played before dinner. Nobody wants to play football after Thanksgiving. Nobody wants to wear pants after Thanksgiving.

11. Unless you live in California, Hawaii or Florida or some fancy place like that, the ground is probably going to be squishy with cold mud, and someone in your family is going

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