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Lawyer Up, Fool

I probably have more compassion for telemarketers then most. They don’t get to choose who they bother and at what time, some pencil neck boss is probably walking down the row of cubicles making sure that maximum dinners are ruined for maximum affect. For me they mostly come during MNF, when my patience is the lowest. And the new trend where if you do any business with a bank, credit card company, insurance company, or even a brokerage firm, the obligatory phone call several days later asking how they did (no doubt spurred on by their usual crappy customer service tandemed by complaints) is just annoying. Even if they got everything right the first time, wasting my time afterwards looking for some stroking just put them back on my shit list.

But some clever folks can have some fun with these guys:

Here’s a clue, when questions posed by the cops start to make you uncomfortable, shut up, you aren’t helping yourself, you have a right to a lawyer, use it.

H/T: iowntheworld

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