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The School to Prison Pipeline Becomes Literal

Eh, what?

We’ve received reports that yesterday, a Belleville school teacher was locked in a bathroom at the High School due to the RFID system malfunctioning. Since school policy is to not allow the use of cell phones, no one knew where she was, or what happened to her until they went looking for her. Luckily, the teacher was carrying her purse, with her phone inside. When her co-workers retrieved their phones to try

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A Real Earth Day

Ah, Earth Day. Usually, I use this space to mock the do-nothing feel-goodism that constitutes the bulk of the environmentalist movement. I’ll point out how they do things like “Earth Hour” where they turn out the lights and light up candles and actually do more damage to the environment in the process.

But this year, I want to do something different. I want to recognize the things that are benefiting the environment and truly making … Read more

DoublePlusCrimethink About Ownlife

I was thinking about something today. Over three-quarters of the American people go to Church at least every few years. Nearly half describe themselves as regular church-goers. Given these facts, why would people object to having a state religion? Why would people demand separation of church and state? Clearly, they don’t have any problem with religion. So why is it suddenly bad when government does it?

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How Not to Fight Global Warming

Following on Alex’s post about the booming energy sector, you should check out this report from Der Spiegel about the disaster that is Germany’s green energy sector:

For society as a whole, the costs have reached levels comparable only to the euro-zone bailouts. This year, German consumers will be forced to pay €20 billion ($26 billion) for electricity from solar, wind and biogas plants — electricity with a market price of just over €3 billion.

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Let’s Ban Everything

Senator Lautenberg, in the wake of the Boston bombing, is calling for background checks for people buying explosive powder. Yes, Best Magazine on the Planet?

Purchasing commercial gunpowder is a nice convenience for hobbyists because it provides consistent powder of known quality and stability. But making stuff blow up is not hard. I can’t be the only person who scorched part of his home as a kid with black powder concocted from a library

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Goose Gander Watch

I find myself amused. When I first saw this, I was sure it was from the Onion.

The Congress-focused research organization LegiStorm set off a firestorm on Capitol Hill this week as some staffers learned that their personal Twitter accounts would appear on the site.

LegiStorm on Wednesday publicized the tool StormFeed, a “real-time, full-text searchable access to every official press release and official tweet from Capitol Hill plus the tweets of thousands of

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The UN’s Latest Power Grab

Sometimes I don’t know which is worse: their lust for power or their ignorance.

The ITU is supposed to meet soon to discuss how they want to assert control of the internet. Over at the WSJ, Crovitz points out that this isn’t just an assault on liberty, it’s stupid.

Having the Internet rewired by bureaucrats would be like handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla. The Internet is made up of 40,000 networks that interconnect

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Innovations & Inventions still happen

The other day someone pointed out that we had lost the ability to innovate and invent here in America. While in general that seems to be the truth, there are pockets of invention left out there. Unfortunately for the people that usually see defense spending as a waste, these inventions and innovations these days seem to all predominantly come from military R&D like this one about long endurance drones:

October 6, 2011: America sees

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