Tag: Team Blue retaliates Chicago style

You better believe this is plain Chicago style retaliation

The WSJ had an article the other day pointing out that the DOJ sued Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services late Monday under the idiotic pretense that S&P did something wrong during the social engineering induced housing crisis. From the short article:

The Justice Department sued Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services late Monday, alleging the firm ignored its own standards to rate mortgage bonds that imploded in the financial crisis and cost investors billions.

The civil charges by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder against the New York company, one of the bond-rating industry’s three giants, are the first federal enforcement action against a credit-rating firm over the crisis. Several state attorneys general are likely to join.

S&P said in a statement earlier Monday that the government suit would be “entirely without factual or legal merit,” and denied wrongdoing.

Emphasis mine on that section where the DOJ claims this is about S&P not doing its job before the housing crisis. A crisis I remind all was created by assholes that wanted to social engineer utopia and thought giving loans to people with no fiscal discipline suddenly would result in the m becoming model citizens. PUH-LEEZE! This is move by the DOJ plain fucking bullshit. It is nothing but retaliation against S&P for having the balls to downgrade the US debt right when Team Blue and their media sycophants are trying to pretend their failed Keynesian policies are not wrecking the economy.

This is Chicago style payback. If you dare cross these scumbags in charge they will sick big government at you. If it is not the DOJ ignoring real crimes to punish those that do not follow the team Blue line, it is the IRS.

Be afraid people. Be very afraid.