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Did you know Obama shot bin Laden himself? I saw it in a movie!

It looks like the Obama propaganda machine is in full force for the 2012 election. He never stopped campaigning & raising money – considering his skill set is limited to those of an Alinskyite disciple and community organizing, I am not surprised at this either – which explains why the country is doing so well. They have been controlling the press and have gotten real angry when the reporters haven’t stayed on message. The usual suspects in the LSM have tried hard, but in vain, to convince us that things are getting much better – suddenly 9%+ unemployment isn’t so bad when they constantly complained of a 4% unemployment during the Bush years for example – but even the most partisan hack sees through the bullshit. Their latest tactic, to blame the Tea Party for the US credit rating downgrade by the S&P, has also already derailed and failed miserably.

But have no fear, our Noble peace Prize winning prez and his team have plans, and now we find out that one of the big the plan is to use a great success by our military to make Obama out as a great warrior leader. It seems Hollywood is putting together a movie about how our SEALs bagged bin laden. One scheduled to come out just a month before the November 2012 elections. And the WH has given them full clearance to look at everything, just a few months after a critical operation when that intel is still hot and can be used to go after the personnel involved or damage the operational capabilities employed by exposing them, so they can make this movie.

Yeah, Hollywood. The place whose leftard dominated crowd of idiots’ idea of what the military is like produced such great fare as “The Hurt Locker” or that horrible “Green Zone” with Matt Damon, and whatever else anyone but the rabid anti-Bush leftists that ended up wasting their money watching these stupid works of pure unrealistic fiction most, if not all, of the sane public ignored at the theaters because they knew better. They are now making a movie about how our military killed bin Laden. And people are suspicious, as they should be, of both this effort and the timing. Especially when you find out these SEALs are now wasting time with Hollywood bozos, who I am sure aren’t going to use this movie to make Obama look good – that was a meant as an insult for those of you that aren’t quick enough to catch the sarcasm – instead of doing the work their country needs them to.

Maybe Obama’s people should stick to throwing lavish fundraiser parties where the elite get to hob-nob with the Hollywood celebs, eat & drink like kings, and dance the night away while Rome burns.