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Steal, Lie, then Steal Again

Earlier this year, I talked about an outrageous government swindle enabled by the Democrats. The IRS was withholding $75 million of people’s tax refunds based on decades-old Social Security overpayments to their parents. In the face of withering criticism, Social Security backed down.

Guess what?

The Social Security Administration, which announced in April that it would stop trying to collect debts from the children of people who were allegedly overpaid benefits decades ago, has

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The Tax Man Cometh Again

Remember, as you read through these stories, the cardinal rule of government: everything you have is theirs. If you have such a thing as “take-home pay” it’s only because of their generosity in allowing you to take it home. Sort of the way a highwayman might let you keep enough bread to feed your family while stealing everything else.

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Are we paying our fair share yet?

We constantly get told that we are not paying up enough of our fair share to help the liberal wealth redistribution schemes and scams buy them votes, but a new study by the CBO shows something quite different:

(CNSNews.com) – The top 40 percent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2 percent of the nation’s net income taxes in 2010, according to a new study by the Congressional Budget Office.

At the same

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When Is A Cut Not A Cut?

When it’s a program we like. A couple of Republicans have proposed a change to the budget — eliminating the sequester on the military in exchange for chained CPI for Social Security. It’s not going anywhere, but it does serve to highlight the cognitive dissonance that defines the Left:

Reps. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) and Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) are introducing the Provide for the Common Defense Act on Tuesday. The legislation would cancel out the

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The Tax Man Politicizeth

Well, knock me over with a feather:

The Internal Revenue Service on Friday said that it inappropriately selected tea party political groups for special scrutiny in the 2012 campaign, an admission likely to fuel long-simmering suspicions among conservatives that the IRS has been singling them out for unfair treatment.

The IRS official who oversees tax-exempt groups, Lois Lerner, acknowledged at a conference on Friday the actions were wrong and apologized, according to the Associated

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Internet Tax

Well, it’s semi-official. The Senate has approved the Marketplace Fairness Act. This act, strongly supported by the likes of Amazon.com, would force online businesses to pay sales taxes based on the location of their customer. Supporters say it is critical to bring needed revenue to local and state governments and to protect the brick-and-morter mom-and-pop stores that are losing out to internet sales.

The supporters are also full of shit.

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High rates make it easier to sell favors.

Robert Samuelson has an opinion piece at the WaPo dealing with death tax reform. This is one of the main taxes that the rich tax hike proponents like Buffet wants to go up. In Buffet’s case the reason is blatant: that’s so his insurance company can make a killing selling policies to fat cats that need protection from the confiscatory fleecing government will impose on their property before the body is even cold.

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The left doesn’t understand economics.

Looks like a NYC hallmark business has closed it’s doors:

The famous Stage Deli in Manhattan has closed. Visitors on Friday were greeted with a hand-written sign on the door that said “Thanks for 75 years!” The deli, on Seventh Avenue near 54th Street, got its start 75 years ago. It was known for overstuffed sandwiches named for celebrities. It was popular with Broadway audiences. Co-owner Paul Zolenge says the dining landmark had been

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Collectivist policies have consequences…

Fiscal policy intended to separate people from their assets/wealth, because we need to spread that wealth around, you know, by stupid government entities thinking they can play Santa Clause with other people’s money, has consequences. Always! Nobody is going to just accept the loss of their wealth that these wealth redistribution schemes assure, and even the LSM is forced to report that’s what’s happening right now:

For many of the wealthy, 2012 is becoming

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The Newest Obama Tax Hike


The Congressional Budget Office has just released new estimates of the number of people who will be subject to the individual mandate penalty tax for failing to obtain qualifying health insurance in 2016. According to CBO’s new analysis, the penalty tax will be paid by six million people. The penalty tax will generate an estimated $7 billion for the U.S. treasury and 80 percent of those paying the penalty tax will earn less

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