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Hey Mr DJ: Scooter Libyan Edition

Most esoteric title ever. I kind of hurt myself on that one.

Shut up.

This week, Congress finally got to hear testimony from the Benghazi whistleblowers. Conservatives view the many questionable aspects of why Stevens was in Benghazi, why the Administration may have refused to rescue the annex staff, and why the Admininstration sent its minions to lie about a stupid YouTube video for a few weeks as a full-blown scandal that may finally destroy the Obama Administration. Here we see either high incompetence or high treason. The story is pure Tom Clancy with real life action heroes, a deadly firefight, and intrigue at the highest level.

Everyone else is mostly interested in hearing more about naked teenage slavegirls on leashes. Even I felt it would be inappropriate and tacky to make a DJ thread about the Cleveland House of Horrors until at least next week or even two weeks, tops.

It’s no secret what I think about Benghazi. I say that it’s a scandal on par with Watergate in terms of all the deception, misconduct under color of law, and political power-seeking that the word implies. It is aggravated by the fact that four people died and our national prestige took a big hit by getting sucker punched on the one day out of the fucking year when we should be expecting things to happen.

Yet, I find sense in the apathy of Obama’s increasingly-jaded followers who shrug this off. After all, they waited years for prosecutions of the Bush Administration for what they saw as its lies over the Iraq War, ungodly torture, and the atrocities of Guantanamo Bay. What they got was nothing but the confusing shame of Obama deciding that Bush had some good ideas and some other ones best forgotten. After all: every President ends up with some secrets to hide, bodies to bury, and a legacy to save by the end of his term. Why should Obama be any different? Also, those tea-bagging Rethuglican fucks don’t deserve the satisfaction of knocking out both Obama and Hillary at the same time.

Even if we tinfoil-donning kooks are right about the implications of Benghazi, I have to agree with the doubters that the public is too cynical and disengaged to really care. Faith in government has now fully collapsed in the decades since Watergate and with it our expectation of accountability. So, it probably goes nowhere. Would be nice if they’d at least catch the jihadist assholes who pulled it off, don’t you think? It’s a sign of the times that our “leaders” are too busy squabbling to remember what we pay them to do.

A better-kept secret is what I think of BDSM, but this isn’t the time.

So, unlike MSNBC, we’ll devote more than three minutes to Benghazi. And it beats watching C-Span.

The music options are below. Remember that I consider it best to use the topics for inspiration rather than strictly trying to find a song that fits. Sometimes, a single line is perfect:

1. “It Happened a Long Time Ago”: Jay Carney wants some oldies, classics, or just stuff from the first albums of newer bands. Point is that we’ve heard it all before, AM I RIGHT???????

2. “What Difference Does It Make?”: Because taking responsibility for your actions is something that stupid little underlings do. I’m looking for songs that remind you of Hillary.

3. “We’re Under Attack”: Music that speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Accountability Review Bonus: Play me some music I have never heard.

Mississippi Yankee: Hate the Taste by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

CM: At Least That’s What You Said by Wilco

pfluffy: Interstate Love Song by STP

Santino: Army of Me by Bjork (I never get sick of this song, especially relevant when “your resssssssscue squads…are tooooo exhausted…”)

Biggie G: Electioneering by Radiohead

InsipiD: President Gas by Psychedelic Furs

Iconoclast: Generals by The Damned (yes, it’s historically out of context, but it captures the idea of some evil bastards fleeing responsibility for their wrongs…and then getting it right between the eyes.)

Rich Taylor: Misunderstanding by Genesis (Imagining this as the late Ambassador Stevens going on about Hillary makes it oddly apt)

Harley: Fuck Your Enemy by Superjoint