Goebbles’ wet dream

That’s what this new propaganda front by some organization called “Obama for America” smacks of, to me. This stuff is some serious bullshit man. I had a good laugh at some of the nonsense being showcase as I wondered if anyone there even realized how frightening this kind of thing looked like. Seriously, this is basically a government reporting program, set up to look as if it isn’t run by those in government, so they can then use it to attack their opposition. Like the title of my post implies: this smacks of closet fascism.

So I was originally just going to leave the post at that, the implications of this whole thing was frightening enough IMO, but I decided to take a deeper dive into that cesspool. In particular I wondered WTF the whole “President Bush, not Obama sign TARP into law” deal was about. Yeah Bush signed TARP, but Pelosi’s congress – where spending originates from – is the one that took the original $300 billion proposed by the assholes in the Bush administration and raised it to $700 billion, against Bush’s wishes, daring him to then not sign it. Are you trying to absolve Obama from the fact he was one of those democrats? Maybe he was not there to vote present. What’s the point here? Who do they think said Obama signed TARP anyway? Or is the point of this idiotic thing to deflect blame from both the Pelosi congress that originated the ridiculous sum assigned to TARP and the Obama administration, which supervised much of the spending, to Bush by claiming that since he signed it, he was the one responsible? Are they trying to say that Obama buying out GM for the unions basically didn’t happen because if you need to lay blame it lies with Bush for signing TARP? I don’t get it.

Next one. And man, my bullshit meter went off on the whole marxist gun grabbing crap. Maybe they think they can fool people with shit like “President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights”, but we already know that they think “common sense gun laws” are laws that prevent everyone but the state from having guns, and they are on record stating that they also believe the second amendment rights only apply to state sanctioned militias and not the public at large. They must think people are idiots. Last I remember those that believe in the same common sense laws and interpreted the second amendment to apply to militias and not the citizens lost in that SCOTUS decision, thankfully, and the constitution prevailed. Personally I also find little common sense in laws that disarm everyone but the criminals unless the common sense is to keep the sheep from being able to fight a tyrannical government off.

Then there was the bit on how “friendly” Obama is to Israel. I believe that played out in the NY-9 election where the democrat was trounced last night in a predominantly Jewish district. If Obama was so friendly to Israel one would have to wonder why the Jewish vote was deserting him in record numbers. Obama HAS thrown Israel under the bus. No US president since Carter has been this condescending and outright hostile to Israel. Then again, Obama also pissed on the leg of British people and told them it was warm rain. He seems to have made it a habit of dissing our closest allies and kissing the ass of the vilest and most evil villains out there, so maybe one could argue he wasn’t singling out Israel for this kind of shit treatment.

I just laughed at the whole Immigration reform piece. After admitting that Team Obama is looking for some kind of amnesty program – that’s what that “smart and fair” is code for – they tried to make him look good by claiming he was however going to kick out those people that posed a risk to national security. If very few, if anybody, meets that set of criteria these goons will come up with, and thus, only some token people get deported, this will still be reported as Obama getting though on illegal immigration. The fact that others now get to stay, a clear reward for breaking the law, is ignored.

I do have to admit that I was saddened that they didn’t have a Solyndra post up. Maybe they need one claimign that porkulus bill also created all those jobs the WH claimed it did. Or that this one will be the magic bullet. Those ones would have been fun to watch. Low brow doesn’t even pass muster.