Tag: Takers vs. Makers

This is how it will end.

The collectivist, nanny-state, big government, takers just managed to win a second term for one of the most inept at policy but genius at campaigning presidents in the history of this once great nation. The left is already making the case that their win is a vote for tax increases. That’s because, in their eyes, their expanded plans for a bigger government requires more money. It is their money after all, and since they allow you to keep some of It, because “You didn’t build that”, after all, you should shut the hell up and go along. Besides this extra money is needed to provide more of these “services” that the takers were promised. Of course anyone with two firing neurons knows that these government services really are about the left using money they take by force from the productive, to buy more votes from the ones they then shower largesse on.

This strategy works, and that is because people that depend for 5% of their income from government hold elected officials hostage, while people that depend on 50% or more of their income from government are held hostage by their elected officials. The number of people that depend on government for a living now, as was pointed out, has reached a point where that voting block all but guarantees the nanny staters can co-opt every election by employing the scare tactics so successfully used during this last one. And while I am glad that the shit sandwich the left build over the last 4 years is now theirs to eat, I hold very little hope for the Republic.

I have talked to several lefties that are ecstatic about their win. Heck we even had one of our old timers drop by just to gloat and rub it in right here at RTFTLC. They all love the fact that their America hating, collectivist wealth redistribution loving, golfer in chief gets to now really got to work on this country. You know, to fix the fact that it is such a non-Euro-socialist wasteland. The fact that we have but to look across the pond to see how the Euro-socialist nanny state game plays out escapes them. Maybe they will catch on when this same scenario starts playing out closer at home, in California, and we all end up having to bail out that bastion of nanny state experimentation.

The unraveling is already going on. Defense contractors, like Boeing, are going to cut more jobs. And you will see – or maybe you wont, because the LSM will hide them, since they don’t fit the narrative – like this, as employers, raked over the coals, react. And as the pool of people that can be robbed blind dries up, we will get more and more borrowing to keep the left’s big machine running. But it will not stop at the economic ruination that higher taxes, higher unemployment, more entitlement spending to buy votes, Obamacare, and the $8 trillion, or more, of debt that this all will add to our woes.

We will abdicate our rights to the most vile organization on the planet, something that happened conveniently after the election of the other day, I add. Our freedoms will willy-nilly be eroded by a government with an agenda. Of course, contrary to the meme,
the rich will get richer, and the rest of us will become serfs. But hey, the collapse we are seeing in Greece just can’t happen here…..