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Left wing morons hope to capitalize on people’s stupidy

The Post Standard in Syracuse NY seems to think people are fucking idiots. Now granted, I think practically every leftist is a moron, but then again, leftists are not whom they are hoping to convince with their ludicrous and deceptive title of their article that makes the claim that most Americans do not want Obamacare defunded in this article:

Syracuse, N.Y. — While many Americans still have a negative view of Obamacare, most oppose the idea of cutting off funding to stop the law from being implemented, according to a poll.

The poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found 57 percent of Americans disapprove of the idea of defunding the law.

Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, requires most Americans to get health insurance next year or face a financial penalty. Some lawmakers in Washington, D.C. who oppose the law say that if members of Congress cannot repeal it, they should cut off funding to stop the law from being put in place.

The most common reason poll respondents cited for opposing defunding is that “using the budget process to stop a law is not the way our government should work.”

But public opinion of the law continued to tilt negative. The poll shows 37 percent of Americans say they have a favorable view of the law and 42 percent have an unfavorable view, shares that have held relatively steady since February.

Note that it isn’t until the 5th paragraph that we finally find out that what most Americans think is that Obamacare needs to die an ugly death, but not by defunding it – which leaves the door open for future donkey administrations to again take up the torch and ram this shit sandwich down our throats – but by repealing the fucking idiotic law. And I agree with the majority of Americans that think defunding it is not the first priority: repealing it should be the first priority. And the way to do that is to force congress to repeal all granted exemptions, including for themselves, and making it mandatory for all government agents to forever have to remain on the same tier of Obamacare that they provide to the poorest population members. I bet you they repeal Obamacare in 15 mins if we get them to have to stay on the same shitty plans they want us to be straddled with.

Again, Obamacare was not, and will never, fix anything related to healthcare, healthcare costs, healthcare access, healthcare quality, or healthcare availability: it is, and always will be, an instrument of destruction. The target is the private insurance industry. The goal is a single payer system where government controls all the money and the decision making. Once they also own your healthcare, in addition to the ability to make you a criminal at their convenience because of our fucked up legal system, they can truly hold you hostage.

The collectivists are going for broke under Obama.

What’s really behind all of Obama’s problems?

Well, Jim Clyburn doesn’t believe that the Keynesian “save government jobs” project they sold as the must economic salvation of a lifetime, the stimuluspatronage bill, tapping the tax payers for $1 trillion plus by the time all is set and done, and basically doing nothing more than saving countless federal and state government jobs in democrat friendly country was a disaster. Nor is it government’s heavy handed approach to TARP, which allowed them to takeover a “too big to fail” business like GM for their union buddies, or loan money to their friends on Wall Street, all while demonizing them with a wink and a nod, that affected this. Hey, they even managed to let the architects of the greatest economic collapse of this century, Mr. Dodd and Mr. Franks, write new regulations that strangely do nothing to address the fundamental problems behind our economic implosion – the idiotic belief government should force lending to bad risks, use Freddie & Fannie to then cover up the disastrous undertaking, encourage speculation on those repackaged piles of shit, and then back these lenders up with tax payer money – but are horribly anti-private sector, but that’s not it either. It also certainly isn’t the fact that, while controlling all three branches of government, team blue jacked up government spending at a record pace, has run annual deficits at or close to $ 2 trillion, tacking over $5 trillion to the national debt in the last 4 or so years that they have controlled the purse, and has designs to keep doing so for the foreseeable future, to the tune of over $10 trillion in just the next decade, regardless of the inevitable conclusion that this kind of fiscal policy leads to. And what about the federal government’s move to take over healthcare, controlling the trillions of dollars in this segment of our private sector as well, as the precursor for a single payer system, with a plan that is so transparently idiotic – tax us for a decade then provide 5 or 6 years of service and claim it saves a few measly billions over that decade while ignoring that the plan will add a minimum of a trillion, and likely triple or more of that based on past experience with these social projects government puts together – that it baffles me anyone pretends it will do anything but hasted our economic demise. Or the energy policy, or should we say the lack of energy policy, that this WH is pursuing after it failed to pass the “Cap & Tax” scheme and push billions of dollars, in the name of the green economy, to democrat friendly (that means big donors) corporations. Let’s not forget the Obama DOJ and its selective enforcement of laws that threatens to make us all lose confidence in the legal system. Clyburn doesn’t even believe Obama adding another war and ignoring congress or the UN are bad, because Obama said it was a “kinetic engagement” or some such nonsense. Not even the constant narcissism is to blame.

Anyway, Clyburn basically believes that it’s not that Obama’s policies are dumb, no siree, its that those that the racist are behind these things in the first place!

WASHINGTON — House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday blamed most of President Barack Obama’s political problems on racism.

Clyburn, who’s from South Carolina and is a close ally of the president, offered his views in response to a question about Obama’s re-election prospects next year. “I think they’re improving every day,” Clyburn said. “I think the president has been a good president, a great commander in chief.”

Clyburn, who met his wife at a 1960 court hearing after spending a night in jail for having engaged in a civil rights protest in Orangeburg, S.C., then brought up Obama’s race as the first black president.

“You know, I’m 70 years old,” he said. “And I can tell you; people don’t like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.”

Ah yeah. The guy isn’t an incompetent campaign organizer with delusions of grandeur and whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is, well on his way to replacing Carter as the worst president of the last 50 years, no way, he is accosted by racists that undermine everything great he does.

Hey Clyburn, about the only thing I think that could be worse for America about Obama is that somehow we get President Biden, a honkey in the parlance of race hucksters like you, and yes, I think Biden would be far more disastrous than even 4 more years of that inept tool Obama. Besides, the only color I see when I see Obama is red. The guy is a communist that’s hell bent on destroying the greatest nation on the planet. That or he is an inept, unqualified fool in a job he won because the media helped him pull an American Idol on too many people. Bite me you racist bastard Clyburn.