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Benghazi Eternal

Like an illegal alien, I have decided to “step out of the shadows” and lay down a quick post. The reason why is that I’ve noticed quite a bit of crowing today about the House Intelligence Benghazi report from some of my friends. As much as I know how the fascination some people have over the whole thing perplexes them, I read the report and will explain why the conspiracy theories are not going to … Read more

Putin Saves Obama

You have to almost feel sorry for Barack Obama. Almost. He drew a red line at the use of chemical weapons in Syria (although he now insists he totally didn’t) only to see Syria stomp over it. He had — to his credit — done the right thing and gone to Congress. But it looked like Congress would reject his request to authorize the use of force. And just when things can’t get any worse, … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Incoherent Interventionism Edition

It’s safe to say that America’s political elite has finally managed to completely divorce itself from its constituents, the military, almost every other country on Earth, and possibly reality itself on the issue of the Syrian Civil War. Nobody understands what those fools are doing; but like a roomful of chainsaw-wielding crackheads, they’re certain to hurt a lot of people in the course of being crazy and stupid.

Mind you, the entire country has not … Read more

The Eight Questions

At the risk of going all-Syria, all-the-time here, I thought this article was worth a post. You remember the Powell Doctrine? These were eight questions that Colin Powell asked about foreign interventions before we engaged in them. They are not definitive and this isn’t a game where if you get answers to five of them, you can go ahead and bomb. But they do a very good job of clarifying the thinking about a war. … Read more

Our Incompetent Media

August was a very slow news month, as you may have noticed. Congress is on vacation — again. We’re all bracing for the trainwrecks of Obamacare implementation and the next budget fight. Syria was pretty much the only big news (well, that and some washed-up child star reminding people that the MTV music awards still exist).

But our media abhors a vacuum. So they’ve blown up Syria in a mega-criss that will define Obama’s presidency. … Read more

War? What War?

Continuing a theme from Alex’s post, I wanted to highlight two stories highlight just how much things change when the man in the White House has a D after his name.

First, you remember all the anti-war protesters we had under Bush? You might have been wondering where they were. Well, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc. couldn’t be bothered so it’s up to … Buzzfeed to ask those questions:

Activists who turned out thousands of protesters

Read more

Once More Unto the Breach

The problem with drawing a red line, as any parents knows, is that when it’s crossed you have to either act or lose your credibility. Looks like the Obama Administration is deciding to act:

Few question that there was a major chemical attack in Syria last week, and the United States has made clear that it blames the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Now, the question is how President Barack Obama will respond.

Read more

And Now Syria

The White House has made it official: Syria has crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons on the opposition. McCain, ever eager for another war, is saying we are going to start aiding the rebels. The WH has yet to confirm.

The Syrian opposition is kind of difficult to define. But we know at least one element includes radical Islamists. We should stay out. It’s a horrible thing — 100,000 dead according to … Read more

Crossing the Line

There are some reports that the Syrian government is starting to use WMD’s — sarin in particular — in its ongoing civil war. This use was identified by the President in August as a potential “red line” for American involvement, an off-the-cuff remark he is now regretting:

Moving or using large quantities of chemical weapons would cross a “red line” and “change my calculus,” the president declared in response to a question at a

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The Syria Question

Al Jazeera is reporting that Syria may be using chemical weapons on the rebels. It may “just” be tear gas. But it’s no secret that the West is worried about Syria’s chemical arsenal. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen patriot missles shipped to Turkey and Obama moving to support the opposition.

As bad as things have been in Syria, they be about to get a whole lot worse. But apart from making sure Israel, … Read more

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