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P.J.’s Amicus Brief

If you like the work of P.J. O’Rourke — or political satire in general — you must read the amicus brief that he filed in the case of Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus. The case concerns an Ohio law that bans false statements about political candidates. SBA said that Driehaus supported taxpayer-funded abortions because he voted for Obamacare, Driehaus sued. Cato is arguing that false statement about politicians are protected speech so they … Read more

SCOTUS Takes On Blago

This could be interesting:

A 55-year-old woman who earns less than minimum wage caring for her disabled son could unravel decades of labor law and strike a blow against one of the most powerful political lobbies in the nation.

Pamela Harris is fighting an Illinois law crafted by imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D.) and enforced by his successor Pat Quinn (D.) that forces her and other home healthcare workers to pay union dues. Her

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DOMA and Prop 8

The Supreme Court issued its final rulings this morning. DOMA was struck down with the liberal wing suddenly rediscovering federalism. Prop 8 was dismissed on standing (with an odd coalition of Scalia, Roberts, Kagan, Breyer and Ginsburg) which effectively means it is dead as well.

More commentary to come. Discuss.… Read more

VRA On Its Last Legs

SCOTUS delivered an important decision today, basically striking down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. A little history:

When the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965, almost no African-Americans were registered to vote in the Deep South due to brutal repression and sickening legal chicanery. Civil rights litigators and the Department of Justice were doing their best to help. They filed lawsuit after lawsuit to make it possible for blacks to register. But

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Another SCOTUS Win

After you’ve watched the enragifying video in Rich’s post, you can calm yourself with this:

The federal government suffered a major defeat today at the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. United States. In their unanimous decision, the justices rejected the government’s sweeping claim that a series of recurring floods induced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did not qualify as a taking of property under

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Democrat Super PACs and Self-Loathing

What are liberals to do?  The Citizens United decision by SCOTUS is almost as infuriating to progressives as Bush v Gore.  Almost.  They’re convinced that the deck is permanently stacked against them because The Rich, Inc is somehow able to buy elections and cancel out their votes.  As we all know, only the government should be able to buy votes and only through entitlements and free cell phones, but that’s not what I’m interested … Read more

The Day After

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” – Chief Justice Roberts

Yesterday was one of the most important days in American political history. Over a million people tuned into SCOTUSblog to find out what was happening. I read more and posted more in comments sections and on Twitter than I ever have.

Let’s be clear: I think Obamacare is a bad bill. What few cost controls … Read more

Obamacare Ruling Open Thread

I’ll post updates as events warrant.

9:52: Best line so far is from Walter Olson who said he has some “Judicial activism!” placards but will have to wait for the decision to know which side to give them to.

9:55: I’ve avoided predictions. But gun to my head, I’d say parts of PPACA are going down. The reason? The full court press by the Left to delegitimize the decision in advance. I think … Read more

Arizona Immigration Law, Reloaded

A mixed decision:

The court ruled that Arizona cannot make it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to carry identification that says whether they are in the United States legally; cannot make it a crime for undocumented immigrations to apply for a job; and cannot arrest someone based solely on the suspicion that the person is in this country illegally.

However, the court let stand the part of the law that requires police to

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The SCOTUS Prequel

I have to agree with the commentators that the Supreme Court is clearly screwing with the media. Usually, the Court is more forthcoming about which decisions are going to be handed down each day. But I feel like the judges are getting a kick out of watching the media work itself up into a frenzy each morning (and occasionally accidentally publish pre-written opinion pieces) hoping for an Obamacare decision only to groan as other decisions … Read more

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