Tag: Super Committee set up for failure

They admit they wanted it to fail!

And that’s because they think they profit from that failure. Barney Frank, he who with another crook, Chris Dodd, was instrumental in the last housing market collapse, and, whom i remind you all demanded to “fix it”, and thus, have set us up for an even bigger one in the near future, admits that the super committee, that many like me have pointed out was set up from the start to fail by the left, failing, was good for democrats.

Video, with green lefty propaganda advertisement when I watched it, follows.

The question begs to be asked: “Why does it always feel like every time democrats “win” anything, that the country loses big?” This committee was set up to fail from the start because the left wants both to destroy the military and, at a minimum, keep the current spending levels. After all, it has allowed them to steer trillions of dollars to their base, lobbying community, friends, chosen businesses, and of course, campaign coffers, and they know that without all that money they would end up dead.