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Hope For This Generation

Given the gargantuan scale at which evidence is pilling up pointing to a doomed generation, I found something that should put a smile on your face, and maybe present a glimmer of hope that our future leaders might survive after all;

Now before the grouchy old “get off my lawn” man ream these kids for piling up all that student debt and putting themselves in that precarious position, notice that they (at least these kids … Read more

Another expensive education update

The NYT has another opinion piece dealing with insane student loan debt, and while the author gets lots of the pieces right, he seems to miss the big picture IMO. Let’s start with the obvious:

We are reaching a crisis point in this country’s higher education system. As college tuitions rise and state and local funding for higher education falls — along with median household incomes — students are taking on staggering levels of

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What’s the lesson here?

When you read about a native of Wisconsin so desperate to get out of student loan debt that they rob a bank, then tell the police they will confess only if promised a long jail sentence, or they will clam up, and if release, do t again, you have to ask WTF?

A man who wore a three-dimensional Bucky Badger hat when he allegedly robbed an East Side credit union last week told police

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