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Fat Chance

Probably not the best time to write a post on the ever growing problem of obesity in America, considering that if your family is anything like mine, the Holidays present a veritable bombardment of culinary and glycemic assaults on our nutritional balance, but Georgia has decided to kick childhood obesity right in the nuts, what do you think?

If you wander on over to the Strong4Life website, the group behind the controversial ads, you can peruse videos of a group of fat kids that shed some light on their own personal weight struggles , to me this is the round house right of the problem. The medical issues, maladies that will effect their well being for life, goes well beyond self esteem issues.

I respected Michelle Obama in her public cause of fighting childhood obesity and her formulation of Letsmove campaign. Sure, the first lady can’t spend all of her time dining out at 4 star restaurants and going on multi million dollar vacations, and each must, by protocol, come up with some hoidy toidy public service cause, but as public services causes go, this one ain’t half bad.

Whether these ads will be effective or not, who knows? But I think neither side really has the moral high ground. Critics say these ads will cause more bullying in school, horse shit. The scenario whereby some punk kid riding in the back seat spots a billboard portraying a fat kid, then the light bulb goes off when the punk realizes that there are several fat kids at his school and how much fun it would be to now go bully them. This punk was bullying fat kids way before these ads surfaced.

But strong4life folks must know that fat kids know they are fat already, they don’t need a bill board telling them this, so whatever epiphany’s they think will occur is ridiculous. You can’t shame people or families into changing their eating habits.

Fat parents generally spawn fat kids, not out of intention or design, but this is how they eat, what they eat, and the kids in the home learn the same eating habits. I was always amused at these fat people (usually women) that come off all secure and content with their appearance, telling us how comfortable and happy they are in their own skin. I don’t think there is a single overweight person that, if they could, miraculously Genie/3 wishes type change them into not being overweight. The fact is that dieting to not fun, easy, or quick, and many resign themselves to their plight as an inevitability due to past failures.

Many of these academician critics subscribe to the group think that self esteem is paramount and hurt feelings are to be avoided at all costs, these are the types that would rather nanny state behavior through school lunch legislation, carrot sticks, tofu, and non fat milk. Maybe a little in your face/cold water splash might work with some people.

The reality is that, as a nation, we suck in nutrition, in the land of plenty we are plenty overweight. Growing up is hard enough anyway, any difference or abnormality is focused on and targeted, that has always been the natural order of things, but getting kids out doors, running around, and not eating crap all the time, giving them confidence, more energy and a feeling of empowerment, nothing but good things can come from this.