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Oakland’s Day Of Reckoning

Things are going to come to head tomorrow. In a classic example of the tail wagging the dog (and it could only happen in a city with a weak liberal mayor bent on appeasing the crowds to the detriment of common sense) Occupy Oakland (ohhh, don’t they sound official?) has decided to declare a general strike:

Occupy Oakland has scheduled a general strike throughout the California city for Wednesday. What does that mean? “No work. No school. Occupy everywhere,” the group’s website explains. “Shut down the city.”

And: “All banks and corporations should close down for the day or we will march on them.”

“Blockade everything.”

Occupy Oakland activists have not only free speech rights but also the power to stomp on other people’s rights.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan — a committed left-winger — at first welcomed the protests. But with rats, vigilantism and too much stink, City Hall soured on the ensuing squalor. Too late, Quan discovered that if you give them an inch, they will take Frank Ogawa Plaza. Let them remain downtown and they threaten to trash other parts of the city.

So what is a good capitalist to do? If you own a business in Oakland, what’s the point of opening up shop tomorrow? What’s the point of even going in to work tomorrow? As if times were not hard enough, let’s shut down and damage whatever businesses are trying to make a living, share the misery.

Where before there was at least a modest attempt to keep the chaos (and filth) pretty much limited to Frank Ogawa Plaza, but with a spineless mayor who has given back the plaza to the protestors after the police cleared them out once (Was it Patton who said that he was always advancing because he did not like paying for the same real estate twice?) the Oakland PD is left baffled as to what their role should be.

The Oakland police union released a statement today saying its officers are confused about Mayor Jean Quan’s stance on the Occupy Oakland encampment and what they are being asked to do for Wednesday’s citywide general strike.
“That’s hundreds of city workers encouraged to take off work to participate in the protest against ‘the establishment,’ ” said the union, which represents 645 officers. “But aren’t the mayor and her administration part of the establishment they are paying city employees to protest? Is it the city’s intention to have city employees on both sides of a skirmish line?”

What a clusterfark. The chief of police quit last week over a no confidence vote of that mayor of theirs, she does not have their backs. And tomorrow the whole city could blow up.

One of the smartest guys on the internet is over at PJTV. Bill Whittle has the ability to boil down the common sense of an issue to nice palatable portions, here is his take on snowflake occupiers:

A sense of entitlement, ingratitude, lack of perspective, all correct but add a few more life lessons that mommy and daddy did not teach them:
1)You are not special
2)Life is not fair
3)Government does not owe you a decent wage, a job, a house, a car, or an even a level playing field
4)Those that have made it, that have worked and pay taxes, these folks are not your private ATM’s, whatever benefits you do get from the government, these people pay for and sooner or later they will say ENOUGH, you can fleece a sheep many times but can only skin them once, the prosperous already feel skinned, don’t push your luck.