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Hey Mr. DJ: Trying To Get A Red Line Edition

This week, we have been treated to the spectacle of a very famous self-centered person who, in my opinion, is marked for being unaccomplished yet ludicrously admired simply for being hyped, breaking all the rules. As usual, the public is nominally opposed to all the crap and we mouth feeble exclamations about being disgusted while the few remaining Responsible Adults make empty statements about how things used to be different and how they ought to be. However, our subject thinks only of reputation, of image.

Your problem with this–if you have one–is you, you see. Your old-fashioned concepts of life aren’t relevant anymore. Three generations of the “MMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” mentality have at long last given us these elites who have moved past seeing the decency, lawfulness, and spirituality of the American people as an obstacle. Instead, they really just don’t give a shit about you or what you think. They don’t get punished when they break the rules and they accumulate more and more wealth, fame, and power by any means they choose.

Of course, I’m hardly being creative here. I’m not the first person to compare Barack Ray Obama to a vapid and over-indulged celebrity, I know. However, the comparison between Miley Hussein Cyrus’s foul performance at the Video Music Awards and the President’s decision to start an illegal war despite the overwhelming opposition of the public for no other reason than that he seems to think he’s been personally called out exemplifies much of what I feel like is wrong with our country right now.

Consider MTV. Yes, it likes to shock us all. In fact, certain entertainers have always been willing to push the boundaries, when needed. But this is different. There used to be art to it or, failing at that, at least there was a message or some kind of point. Madonna would babble about how she was challenging society’s notions of what healthy sexuality is while Marilyn Manson could speak surprisingly eloquently about young people’s frustration about how they are portrayed by the media.

That’s not the case with the shock we see now. Why it’s there is always purely self-serving. All that matters is that you’re talking about how _______ did _______. “My God, let’s talk about how _____ that person is and how rich and famous ________ is!” Miley just wants you to know that she’s an adult woman right now because she has taken the teddy bear humping rite of passage that all girls must take, obviously. That’s all there is. The music means nothing. There are no artistic expression being made, no causes being championed. The songs are pretty much about how the parties are that she attends and the drugs she does are are really awesome. It’s just about Miley’s self-absorption and fake life. Even if you despise her and everything she does to degrade herself along with her influence over young and confused teenage girls, it doesn’t mean anything. She’ll be no less rich and influential for it, so go fuck yourself with a big foam finger, you stupid little person.

It’s no different with Obama or many others within the government. Obama came into office believing that he himself is what matters most. He really thought that he could bring the Olympics to Chicago, reset relations with Russia, peacefully transform the Middle East, and end the partisan era…because he is The One, I guess. He failed at all of this and he has reacted to it about as sensibly as you would expect a vain and thin-skinned diva with legions of soldiers at the ready to behave.

Obama promised change in the Middle East. That’s his wish, so Libya had to be overthrown regardless of the law. An ambassador gets killed in the aftermath of it while he’s engaged in (REDACTED), but any attempts to determine what happened and whether or not there was something negligent or even unlawful going on is a personal attack on the President by deluded, possibly racist enemies.

In Syria, Obama called possible future chemical weapons use by the Syrian government a “red line” but never really explained why it would be so important for the US to do anything about it, being broke and overextended and pretty much indifferent to the world right now. National interest doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter that the neighboring countries don’t want to get involved. No, Obama wants to lay down the law. Since Assad may or may not have punked Obama out and used nerve gas, we will have to go to war. Sure, it will only add to the human misery of the conflict, won’t kill Assad, inflame world opinion against us from countries that are gaining power (as opposed to pissant has-beens like France), and probably assist al-Qaeda in taking control of the country. Obama is doing what is best for Barack Obama. I don’t know how it can be seen any differently. Since Obama’s ego was savagely Pearl Harbored, the usual nonsense about Congressional approval or even a limp-dick UN resolution doesn’t apply.

It doesn’t end there, but discussing the President’s attempts to satisfy his personal wishes through executive fiat on domestic policy initiatives wouldn’t leave me with enough time to post any music.

It’s not like anyone is going to stop him or even can. He’s popular enough and his core following is noisy and influential. No matter how much he fails at any initiative, violates the Constitution, or covers for his agencies when they break the law; nothing bad will happen to him or his closest friends. In that sense, he really is no different from a drug-addicted celebrity skank who maintains the good life without ever really suffering any negative consequences for bad behavior.

You could call me a reactionary dickhead if you wanted, but I feel like I’m way past mere partisan blogging by now. No, our elites reflect the character and spirit of the American people. Until we learn to stop worshiping extravagant wealth and dubious fame, these stupid and broken creatures will continue to dominate our lives. Right now, we aren’t thinking about what kind of country America is becoming or what we are handing over. I’d call the direction one of trending toward a sort of “decadent tyranny”. The nicest thing you can say about those is that they’re filled with stories and when they crash, they crash in grand style.

I’m afraid to think of how reckless and trite we will seem to others. Something tells me that when our era is discussed by historians and professors, the best we can hope for is that they’ll snicker and shake their heads before starting the lecture as we might when talking about the deranged bullshit going on with Honey Boo Boo.

We are all Miley Cyrus.

Anyway, I guess I’ll do some songs or something.

Here are some options:

1. Who Owns My Heart?: Post whatever YOU feel like posting. Ideally, they should be songs that remind you of yourself. Or not. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to do, you antisocial degenerate.

2. Wake Up America: Most of us have our favorite decades and artists and that’s just fine. However, I have to say that there is good music being made right now, believe it or not. It’s just not popular with how modern tastes have become so awful. Do you have anything new and good? It’s there if you look.

3. Permanent December: It’s winter in the West. We are a great civilization in decline. What songs and artists would you want to have remembered as our legacy? Our greatest and most glorious music goes here.

4. Can’t Be Tamed: Got anything truly artistic and brilliant? I’d like to hear it.

5. We Can’t Stop: Music to twerk by. Shake your ass to the sound of chaos.

Red Line Bonus: Songs about crimes against humanity, poison gas, and terrorism. Don’t call my bluff!

Do what you like. I’m going all 2010 and later. We have to revive the culture.

Santino: Muse is the best act of the 21st Century. That they aren’t #1 on all charts all the time is proof enough of how wrong our time is. Save Me

stogy: Giving Me a Chance by Gotye. I’m just helping solidify this new like of yours.

pfluffy: New NIN! Came Back Haunted. You can twerk to it if you feel like it. Please tell me you don’t.

Mississippi Yankee: Babel by Mumford and Sons

bgeek: It Starts and Ends with You by The London Suede

Seattle Outcast: That’s What Girls Are For by Steel Panther

hist_ed: The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala by The Arctic Monkeys

Biggie G: Got some of the new Bowie for you. Dirty Boys.

InsipiD: Gimme Some Annihilation by Crocodiles