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This sounds too crazy to believe..

But the Chinese state media is reporting that they had a major stretch of an elevated highway collapse from a fireworks explosion. Now I understand the Chinese likely build this thing with sub par materials, but I have a hard time picturing a truck full of fireworks of any kind doing this sort of damage to a structure that is supposed to support real heavy weights. And you have to wonder when the article points out that…

State TV broadcaster CCTV said eight people were confirmed dead and 11 injured after seven vehicles were recovered from the wreckage. The death toll appeared likely to rise: The official Xinhua News Agency said the collapse smashed and buried at least 25 vehicles.

Earlier reports by China National Radio and some other outlets of 26 people killed were later removed from websites, without explanation.

An 80-meter (260-foot) stretch of a major east-west highway collapsed in Mianchi county in Henan province. It scattered blackened chunks of debris and shattered the windows of a nearby truck stop.

Now I know the Chinese are not very safety conscious, and the article even mentions that, but I have a horrible time accepting that a major piece of a highway collapses when a firework truck goes kaboom out in the open. The mechanics and physics of this event leave me wondering WTF went on. That must have been some serious haul of some serious explosives, or some of the shoddiest construction possible to cause such a collapse. Maybe it was both. Or maybe….


Cheesey movie, but I wonder if there was something else that happened here and it we are getting told some bull.