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The left doesn’t understand economics.

Looks like a NYC hallmark business has closed it’s doors:

The famous Stage Deli in Manhattan has closed. Visitors on Friday were greeted with a hand-written sign on the door that said “Thanks for 75 years!” The deli, on Seventh Avenue near 54th Street, got its start 75 years ago. It was known for overstuffed sandwiches named for celebrities. It was popular with Broadway audiences. Co-owner Paul Zolenge says the dining landmark had been struggling for some time. He told The New York Times that yet another rent increase was expected when the lease ended in a few months.

That last is my emphasis. The rent increase comes as a direct result of raising fed and local taxes, and it comes in an economy that has been in the tank for 4 years, and looks to be staying there for at least another 4 more years. Check out the comments and see how the libs all think the problem here was that this guy had to pay rent in the first place, or did not know how to run a business, despite the fact that this business was around for 75 years, and blame the business’ fail on the evils of capitalism. Genius!

Maybe someone can petition the WH to bail them out like the did GM and are thinking of doing to Hostess.