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Hey, Anyone See My Missing Drone?

Having sophisticated (expensive) super secret spy shit is nice to have, keeps you one step ahead of your enemies, unless, of course, you are so careless as to not keep track of your new toys:

Iran’s Press TV on Thursday broadcast an extended video tour of the U.S. spy drone that went down in the country late last week–and it indeed looks to be intact.

American officials have acknowledged that an unmanned U.S. reconnaissance plane was lost on a mission late last week, but have insisted that there is no evidence the drone was downed by hostile acts by Iran. Rather, they said, the drone likely went down because of a malfunction, and they implied the advanced stealth reconnaissance plane would have fallen from a high altitude–the RQ-170 Sentinel can fly as high as 50,000 feet–and as a result, wouldn’t be in good shape.

Iranian military officials have claimed since Sunday they brought down an intact American spy drone–and now they are giving tours of the drone, in what is sure to be another humiliating poke in the eye for U.S. national security agencies.

That drone the Iranians now have looks in pretty good shape to me. What the article omits is that these drones are built to, after a certain amount of time outside of communications with base, to find a level area and land on it’s own, oops.

The video tour may also be a move to bid up the price Iran could receive for sharing the highly sophisticated American stealth drone technology with countries such as China and Russia.

Gee, ya think?

A couple questions from a rube civilian not trained in the nuances of espionage, since we know that this is an unmanned drone-controlled from a distant command station and that malfunctions do happen, why was there no homing device built in? Why no self destruct mechanism in place? Why no effort to track this drone down and if found to retrieve it (or destroy it with an air strike) so that years (and boatloads of dollars) of research and technology is not wasted? Why were not contingency’s in place to counter an eventuality that sometimes unmanned drones go off on their own and keeping an avowed enemy from valuable military hardware might be something that we should plan for?

I also got a kick of that “Who’s On First?” redux between the pentagon and the CIA when word forced surface that a valuable sophisticated drone was missing and probably in the hands of the Iranians.

Boy, do we look dumb.