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An Across The Pond Perspective

As a palette cleanser (and something to get us off AGW for just a bit) I present the Palin of Parliament, the Bieber of Britain, the Nowitzki of Anglo nuance, the Paul Ryan of England and Gordon Brown’s worst nightmare, Daniel Hannan:

For those unfamiliar with Hannan, can’t imagine too many, he rocketed on the scene with this little ditty about Gordon Brown, no tea and crumpets for him. I always admired the governing process of the Brits and love watching the sessions of Parliament on C-span (OK, love might be too strong a word, like the UFC, I tune in for a few moments to witness some skull rocking knockout), but the manner in which they rumble on the floor, toe to toe, with no pretense of the niceties of a civilized society, yahooo.

Some interesting things were discussed on the video, all grist for the mill

I wrote a post last month on how Obama has dissed many of our allies through out the world, and was poo pooed by some as being over reactionary and partisan. Here we have an Englander, a rather prominent one at that, espousing pretty much the same thing. We can mitigate to a degree by mentioning that this is only one man’s opinion, granted, but I am always amused at how people, not living there, can voice an opinion about what those people should be thinking.

Another point of Hannan’s that I agree with strongly, the bond between our two nations is so strong, it will withstand the amateurish bumblings and slights of our president.

Things like taxation, debt, an out of control and growing government, a disenfranchised populace that is unable (unwilling) to apply the brakes, that our leaders do in fact work for us and need to be removed on a regular basis to validate the process, all these things are important to a nation, both nations, on both side of the pond.