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Science Sunday: SpaceX Explodes


An unmanned rocket by Elon Musk’s SpaceX on a resupply mission to the International Space Station exploded Sunday just minutes after launch.

It wasn’t clear what caused the rocket, named Dragon, to fail. SpaceX will conduct an investigation overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It was the third resupply mission to fail in recent months. The three astronauts on the space station have about four months worth of supplies, according to NASA.

This is the first big failure for SpaceX, which has had a good track record so far (they’ve had a few failed launches of experimental craft as well). You can follow Phil Plait here who speculates that it was a fuel tank rupture.

I’m a big fan of private space flight and disappointed that Congress is trying to curtail it a bit. The potential savings is good but the potential for breakthrough technology is very large. Hopefully, this won’t be too big a setback.

Space Oddity

I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few astronauts before. They really are amazing people: intelligent, motivated and creative. So this video from Commander Chris Hadfield is both awesome and unsurprising in its awesomeness.

(I know he’s Canadian, but I’m still putting this in the “America, fuck yeah!” category because … you know … space and stuff. Plus, I always agreed with what Lazarus Long said: Canada is a part of America where the people are too smart to pay taxes to Washington.)