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You can’t make this stuff up…

How long did the Obama Administration hold the Keystone XL Pipeline project hostage in bureaucratic Limbo before they dropped it so gas prices could stay high and Buffet and other rich fat cats in bed with this government could make a killing carrying some of that oil by train? What fraction of that time was spent allowing the Treausry Department review of that deal? Well in the case of Solyndra, they got just one dayRead more

Solyndra update: Pearls to the swine..

The left might be desperate to see this story die, but it is like the gift that keeps on giving. We have often gone back and forth about if this was just people with no clue making stupid decisions, if this was political cronyism, or if it was both, and the more we find out, the more it looks like it is both. The latest revelation is that recently released e-mails show that the DOE Read more

Another Solyndra WTF? question

I have never, ever heard of a political party being a creditor in a bankruptcy, but it is not a joke, when we find out that the democratic party of California is listed as one for Solyndra. Even stranger is the fact that the democrats are acting like they are not sure why that happened:

Out of the hundreds of out-of-work employees, vendors, investors and other creditors in the bankruptcy of government-backed solar-panel maker

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Solyndra update: WH doubled down.

The AP has this piece running today dealing with how the WH knew Solyndra was a disaster waiting to happen, and that when it happened, it was coming right around the 2012 election, too. While the AP article is not clear as to exactly when the WH figured out this company was a disaster waiting to happen – likely I feel, that because pointing out that they knew even before the loan was made, would … Read more

You can’t make this stuff up Solyndra update edition

The latest revelations in the whole disastrous fiasco around Solyndra, one of the Obama Administration’s new green jobs model companies, are unbelievable, as can be seen from this ABC News article on the subject.

First off, it now looks like the Obama Administration had DOE operatives keep a close eye on the “going ons” at Solyndra, because of the concern that the fears that republicans had expressed that the company was in dire straights, might … Read more

Green jobs company that got $535 million from Obama raided by the FBI.

More than a year or so ago, Solyndra and other Green technology companies like it, where being touted by the progressive greens as the solution to both the economic wreck and employment disaster they wrongly, but quite successfully, wanted everyone to believe was caused by evil Boosh-Chimpy-McHitler instead of progressive government pressure on lending institutions and a myriad of schemes and scams to overcome the laws of economics and reality that eventually caused both the … Read more

The Latest Stimulus Casualty


A company that served as a showcase for the Obama administration’s effort to create jobs in clean technology shut down Wednesday, leaving 1,100 people out of work and taxpayers obligated for $535 million in federal loans.

Solyndra, a California solar panel maker, had long been an administration favorite. Over the past two years, President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu each had made congratulatory visits to the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

Although Wednesday’s

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