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I am not surprised…

What if you hada solar project auction, and nobody showed up?

The plan to auction rights to federal land across the West for solar-power plants got off to a rocky start Thursday when no bidders showed up for the first auction in Colorado. Uncertainties about the solar market and federal rules probably were major factors in the auction’s failure, industry officials said.

Five companies had filed preliminary applications for the three San Luis Valley parcels, and there were another 27 inquires about the sites, according to Bureau of Land Management officials. Based on that interest, officials scheduled an auction at the BLM Colorado office in Lakewood for the 3,700 acres of valley land.

What do you see missing in that sentence about uncertainty and failure? That without massive government subsidies -which the article says were there in the form of ludicrously low prices – this tuff is simply not viable. And even with this stuff, there isn’t anyone taking the bait.

“In this particular case, there’s an added issue which may have prompted developers to take a pass on the Colorado lease sale,” Johnson said. “The ground rules are still very much in question. To date, BLM has yet to finalize any regional mitigation plans. Frankly, it’s not smart business to commit to something until you’ve read the fine print.”

Man, wish they had done this for Obamacare….

German solar industry is imploding

The other day in a post I made about the reversal of opinion about the impact of salt consumption some in the comment section decided to tell me I was stupid for pointing out solar energy was a waste of time. Well, everybody likes to bring up German success with solar energy, but the wheels are coming off that cart it looks like:

Germany produced a record 23.9 gigawatts of electricity yesterday from thousands of solar photovoltaic systems, according to SMA Solar Technology. Despite setting yet another solar world record, the collapse of Germany’s solar energy industry seems to be spreading downstream from manufacturers to distributors and installers. On Friday, Gehrlicher Solar and Conergy, two of Germany’s leading downstream solar power companies, filed for insolvency.

Only a few weeks ago, Siemens SI +0.04%, the industrial conglomerate based in Munich, Germany, said it was shutting down its solar power division after enduring nearly $1 billion in losses over the past two years. Similarly, Bosch also recently said it was exiting the solar energy market after suffering significant losses.

So who’s left to do this in Germany? The Chinese? Nobody else is wasting money making these, and the Chinese do it to sell it to these dumb greens. I do want to point out that the record generation of 29.9 Gigawatt is mostly non-commercial, and that this number is a point in time computed during the peak hour. I could not find information on it, but power generation is 0 during night hours, which during the summer in Europe is still some 10 hours, and off-peak generation is likely to be half of that record number (which is a record because it has only occurred once). When the Germans had nukes they produced more power. Yeah, the nukes where commercial, but they didn’t shut down at night. Note that I expect Germans to keep using solar, for now, but no German company will be making these panels it looks like.

Solar will for the foreseeable future remain what it is today: an inefficient and expensive fad that might work for some individual usage, but can never produce enough power to meet all demand. And without government subsidies it can not compete. It is too expensive and the output sucks for that cost. But let the greens keep having their wet dreams.