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The Diseased Opposition

I’m currently reading Anne Applebaum’s excellent Iron Curtain, a follow-on to her masterful Gulag. In this book, she details how the oppressive tyrannies of Eastern Europe were created by the Soviet Union and how they were run for forty years. I’ll likely post a full review when I’m finished.

I did want to single out one point, however.

One of the recurring themes in the early days of communism was the communists’ confusion … Read more

A Trio of Weekend Headdesks

Three stories that aren’t big enough for blog posts of their own … well, they are actually, but I don’t have time to tear into them.

First, you may have heard that the FDA is taking the unprecedented step of banning trans-fats. Actually, they’ve removed them from the list of foods that are GRAS (generally regarded as safe), a first step toward a ban. This despite the fact that trans fats are not dangerous per … Read more

Why Don’t You Move to … Nowhere! Hahahahaha!

Yesterday, Salon published what must be the dumbest critique of libertarianism I’ve read that doesn’t use the word “Somalia”.

Why are there no libertarian countries? If libertarians are correct in claiming that they understand how best to organize a modern society, how is it that not a single country in the world in the early twenty-first century is organized along libertarian lines?

First of all, libertarians don’t claim we know best how to organize a … Read more

The Welfare Trap

One thing conservatives constantly worry about is the danger of creating a welfare trap: a situation in which the welfare state is so entrenched that working is actually less profitable than being dependent on the state.

Check out this amazing graph from The Spectator on the UK’s welfare system:

How’s that for a perverse incentive? Lost benefits and increased taxes mean that, for a single mother, increasing her earnings from 0 to 15,000 pounds only … Read more

Minimum wage, in a way even the most stupid can understand.

The concept of a living wage and a minimum wage are universally accepted on the left as great ideas. That they do not work in the real world and produce serious consequences is ignored. But now we have an example that is too easy to ignore:

The catchy Subway sandwich shop jingle involving a variety of foot-long sandwiches available for $5 doesn’t apply in San Francisco. The sandwich-making chain stopped selling the five-dollar footlongs

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Bill Maher Is (Still) An Arrogant Liberal Troll

So this aired on his show. Liberals, if you want to know why a lot of conservatives don’t like you, watch this and watch the reaction to it. Do you really wonder why people won’t vote for arrogant condescending twerps who look down on them?

Let’s set aside the condescending attitude toward the South and what was unquestionably a cherry-picked sample. Maher and his defenders are claiming the point of this is the old “What’s … Read more

Control the message by controlling the messenger

The labour party in the UK has been suffering a serious sets of defeats as more and more people lose hope with their stupid policies, and now are having a conference to discuss options. One of their brilliant ideas is a journalist license. The plan is to only allow people that they like, the ones telling the stories they like and the way they like it, to be reporters.

The UK Labour party’s conference

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Another convert?

Whom do you ask am I talking about and what did they convert to-form what? Well, The Economist, and they intimate conversion to good Tea Partiers. Why? Well, the scandalous financial facts now being revealed about another collectivist elitist scumbag caught committing a crime. Leave aside that this predatory behavior by the collectivist elites is not only completely unsurprising, and focus on the other stuff, the people at The Economist also gleaned from this story, … Read more