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Why I am not a part of “popular movements” like OWS

Best explenation I have seen yet of why we should fear these popular movements like OWS ever:

History is replete with Peoples’ movements that, claiming weight of numbers and well-meaning intentions for others, have changed the course of society–but not necessarily for the better. In other words, pathologically altruistic movements.


The Occupy movement seeks to make things fair for everyone, not by allowing people to flourish with their natural talents, but rather by focusing on and tearing down anyone who has more—more talent, more industriousness, more intelligence and, often as a consequence of these natural qualities, more possessions.

As the author points out, the OWS movement shares the same genus with the French and the Communist Revolutions, both of which where tyrannical and bloody endeavors, the communists one killing some 100 million of their own people, and focuses not on actually any kind of real justice, but on tearing down anyone that has more than they do. That’s because “popular movements” like OWS and like the democrat’s class warfare bread & butter tactic, are predicated on the basest and vilest of emotions – jealousy and envy – despite the argument that what they really want is justice.

How does that old saying go again? With friends like these, who needs enemies? Envy and jealousy, even when hidden behind a mantle of seeking justice, means blood. It’s not a coincidence that we find OWSers resorting to violence and the movement excusing it. Their goal isn’t justice: its to tear down & punish those they are envious of, and they do a great job by blaming those everyone has an innate dislike of already, like bankers. Of course, the marxist politicians get a pass, because the OWS movement is controlled and run for the benefit of marxist playing at being otherwise. But hey, the reason that why the democrats empathize and support the OWS movement and despise the Tea Partiers is because want to be left alone to seek their own prosperity makes you the unjust and bad guys. After all, where is the erm, “justice!” (TM) in wanting to be left alone?