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You Can’t Say That (Prostitution Edition)

The Supreme Court has yet to render decisions on gay marriage, affirmative action or the Voting Rights Act. But a number of critical decisions have come down, some good, some bad. I’ve been sitting on post on criminal rights for a few days; I’ll hopefully crank it out over the weekend. But I did want to comment on Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc., which was handed down yesterday.… Read more

The Somalia Canard

In Josephine County, Oregon, a woman was recently raped by her ex-boyfriend while she was on the phone to 911, begging for help which never came. I’ll forgo the usual “this is why we have the second amendment” point to concentrate on something a little different.

The Sherriff’s office is blaming the lack of response on recent budget cuts and the refusal of the citizenry to support a tax hike. But as Radley Balko points Read more

She Said Don’t Hand Me No Lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Those of you who went to college in the 90′s might remember Antioch College’s bizarre sexual assault policy. Conceived by campus activists on a late-night political correctness bender, this policy stated that verbal consent was required for any and all sexual activity. Interpreted strictly, this meant that if you did not ask your girlfriend of four years if it was OK to take off her bra, you were potentially guilty of sexual assault and … Read more

Is Krugman Stupid, A Troll Or A Stupid Troll?

Paul Krugman — fresh off his I’m smarter than you post (I have a few tasty comments in that thread that riled the libs something fierce), says this today in response to the Oregon study:

Fire Insurance Is Worthless!

After all, there’s no evidence that it prevents fires.

But strange to say (as Mark Thoma points out in correspondence), people seem to think it’s a good idea anyway.

I leave the relevance of this thought

Read more

Portman v. Clinton

Last week, Senator Rob Portman announced that he now supports gay marriage. He said the impetus for this was when his son came out to him. According to him, it opened his eyes on the issue and he now believes that gays should have full marital rights. Portman has been criticized a bit from the Right but also from the Left. One of Sullivan’s readers claims that his switch shows a lack of empathy because … Read more

The White Robes

People, you can’t make this shit up:

Reports on Monday that someone was walking around the campus of Oberlin College in Ku Klux Klan regalia — for which the Ohio liberal arts college cancelled an entire day’s classes — may have been a huge misunderstanding. That’s the sense one gets from reading a comprehensive report published on Tuesday morning by the local paper, the Chronicle-Telegram, which traced the early-morning sighting to someone wearing a

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GI Jane

Last week, the Administration lifted the ban on women in combat. Of course, in modern warfare, there really aren’t a lot of non-combat roles. Despite the ban, 150 women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and 800 wounded while performing “non-combat” duties. Indeed, part of the pressure for this change was so that women who have already been in combat would get the appropriate benefits and pay.

But that’s a little different from having … Read more

Pot, kettle, and more social engineering fail.

In what to me can only be seen as a hilarious “actions have consequences, you dumb ass collectivist twit” moment of truth, you have the always-ready-to-surrender French government with their panties all in a wad because after they jacked tax rates on the rich to ridiculously punitive levels, the rich sheeple they where hoping to fleece, are packing up and moving elsewhere.

Jean-Marc Ayrault’s outburst came after France’s best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up

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Surprise Study Finds Rappers Use Brains

Yeah, I’m a music critic now.  What about it?

During the freestyle rapping, there was increased activity in an area of the brain that is responsible for motivation of thought and action (called the medial prefrontal cortex). At the same time, there was decreased activity in brain regions that normally play a supervisory or monitoring role (dorsolateral prefrontal regions).

The study went on to note that the wave patterns of rappers’ brains during nightclub shootings, … Read more

The Closing Gender Gap

Ross Douthat has a great article up on the gender gap. After discussing Obama’s bizarre and paternalistic appeals to women (the Life of Julia bullshit, the first time video I posted below) and his attempt to make abortion the key issue of the election (e.g., the “War on Women”), Douthat notes:

The gap between men and women on issues like abortion is overstated, and the female preference for Democrats predates Roe v. Wade. In a

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