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Let The Curling Begin

The Sochi Olympics start in about 3 weeks and my apathy could not be greater. For a sports guy I usually live for the Olympics, although not so much winter, but ever since Lillehammer I watch most of it. As an aside, we vacationed in Norway the year after the Olympics and I remember visiting Lillihammer, one of the novelties in the gift shops were maps of all the Scandinavian countries, and in place of Sweden there was a big black hole (Norwegian humor, gotta love it). My wife, who is Swedish, was not amused. But this time around there is virtually nothing offered to hold my interest.

Probably (and sadly) the big draw for any interest in Sochi is whether those Chechnian rebels (the Russian version of AQ) will blow up the Olympic village. Putin, in his usual totalitarian way, has put the fear of God into the locals, but those crazies from Chechnya seem determined.

It is also interesting (somewhat) to see who Obama is sending to represent the USA;

I’m not coming, have some lesbians instead.”

That may not be the exact wording of Obama’s RSVP to next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But in picking tennis star and lesbian icon, Billie Jean King, along with gay hockey player Caitlin Cahow as his delegates, the U.S. President certainly seems to be giving homophobe extraordinaire, Vladimir Putin, a star spangled middle finger.

Putin has pretty much kicked Obama’s ass all over the globe for a few years now, this is about as payback as he can muster.

What with Lindsey Vonn out and Bode Miller in (Oh goody, we get to see him fall on his butt again) and no real figure skating darling to speak of (Boy, what I give for another Tanya Harding pipe swing incident) I can’t see much of anything to grab my attention. I’ll probably watch some hockey, but ABC (anybody but Canada, sorry Santino) either the US or the home country of Russia, that would work for me.

I hope the whole of it is uneventful (no explosions or loss of life, please) and that the Americans can comport themselves well and bring home some hardware, but mostly I will view the whole process from SportsCenter on ESPN and just the highlights, I got Dexter episodes to re-watch.

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