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Fucking hippies

As if you needed more reason to hate hippies you get this sordid story:

An elderly yoga enthusiast is facing a federal obscenity charge after he was spotted masturbating on National Park Service property, after which he picked up a dead animal and threw it at a passing car, according to court records.

Bill Kachle, 68, was arrested last month after Jared Tyng, a United States Park Police officer, responded to a complaint about a “disorderly male subject” along the Mount Vernon Trail in northern Virginia.

Two female witnesses pointed Tyng in the direction of Kachle, a Washington, D.C. resident who was “holding a yoga pose” nearby. The women said that they were walking along a bike trail when Kachle–who was waving his arms and “shouting odd statements”–dropped his pants and began masturbating.

I wonder if the animal he threw at them was a monkey. or was he spanking his monkey. Whatever. Patchouli smelling douchebags do strange shit. Maybe he was mandated to do this stuff in his Obamacare coverage.