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Slutty Thinking?

Call me a curmudgeon but I find 99% of all public demonstrations (marched or staged) a nuisance. The validity of their cause notwithstanding, truisms never needed a sledgehammer for effect, and if your target audience is too stupid to get the morality in the first place, who are you convincing? Or is this just a blatant excuse to show off your new push up bra?

That Toronto cop had no idea the hornets nest he just stirred up. Dumb thing to say? youbetcha, but he has got to be grinning ear to ear over what he has wrought:

Thousands of women are to take to the streets of London in revealing outfits next month as the global SlutWalk phenomenon reaches Britain.

A Canadian policeman who told women to stop dressing like ‘sluts’ to avoid being raped sparked the worldwide protest movement that could see more than 5,000 women march through the capital.

Thousands of members of SlutWalk have already marched in cities across the U.S and Canada to display anger at Pc Michael Sanguinetti’s comments, made in a health and safety talk to students at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

A nice excuse to get outside, get some sun and some exercise? OK, fine, but shaping minds, reducing the number of rapes, making those prone to violence against women palmslap to forehead with ,”Gee, how silly of me, all those girls really weren’t giving me tacit approval to smack them around and rape them just by their dress, do I have egg on my face?”, no chance.

I can see why all the guys would want to get in on this, by showing some sympathy for their cause and putting in the time with ,”you go girl”, this will guarantee getting laid later on.

Maybe rich dudes should stage a marched demonstration next, they could all sport their Armani suits and Rolex’s with signs that say ,”Burglars and robbers, don’t steal our stuff and rob our homes just because we have money and flaunt it, we are people to and demand respect”. No doubt burglaries and robberies will fall off the map after this.

So, much like planking, slutwalking to coming to America, hot dog.

In the relative scheme of things, I guess this is small potatoes, and if it empowers women, gets them to feel better about themselves and more willing to “give it up”, then what’s the harm? But since, at least in Europe, Muslim males, not use to seeing all that skin, perpetrate the majority of the rapes, shouldn’t they be making those signs in Farsi?