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Media Trips Over Itself To Falsely Redirect Racialist Fools

Those who say that the Zimmerman matter isn’t over yet are correct. The wrongful death lawsuit is coming, the Holder “Justice” Department is desperately exploring its options, and Zimmerman will not be safe in public for years to come (although I believe people will eventually forget).

Still, we are now being treated to an all-new story of racial discrimination. Any of you guys catch wind of the Marissa Alexander case and its comparison to the Zimmerman acquittal yet? I’ve seen it cropping up all over social media over the past few hours.

Late Saturday evening, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The issue of self-defense played a central role in Zimmerman’s not guilty plea and his defense’s argument against the second-degree murder charges, and his acquittal is drawing comparisons in the media to the verdict of another high-profile Florida shooting incident: the case of Marissa Alexander.
Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 for shooting what she described as warning shots into a wall during a confrontation with her husband. Alexander’s lawyers claimed self-defense in the case, and said her husband had a history of abuse in their relationship. They invoked Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which gives people the right to use lethal force if they feel their life is threatened. The jury ultimately sided with prosecutors in deciding Alexander’s actions were not in self-defense

I did MSNBC a favor and emphasized the part they so clearly wanted emphasized. I’m helpful like that.

Keep in mind that you would probably not have heard about this case unless Zimmerman had not been acquitted. As usual, the media cannot be counted on to tell the truth. I have no doubt that you will hear some of your liberal family members and acquaintances using this case as “proof” of the unfairness and racism of Stand Your Ground, but it just isn’t so.

Read up on this case now before it comes up on some blog or around a Labor Day cookout. Here are the facts. Quick read, I promise.

The only way this case would have anything to do with Fla v. Zimmerman is if Zimmerman had invited Martin over to his house for breakfast, showed him some pictures on his cell phone, and then had Martin discover some suggestive texts from Rachel Jenteal. From there, they’d have an argument, and Zimmerman would have been in such fear that instead of leaving the house and summoning police, he would walk over to his parked car in the garage, get his gun, and come back to shoot at Martin’s head as he was trying to leave. From there, Zimmerman would have had to post bail and then show up at Martin’s house (in violation of a court order) to start more shit.

Alexander has nothing to hang onto here. Remember that this case is three years old but the media is making it a point to talk about it NOW while leaving out the key facts about why SYG didn’t apply. It’s disgusting how far the Left is willing to go to undermine lawful self-defense.