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Day After Thoughts on Hobby Lobby

So I’ve had a few days to digest the Hobby Lobby decision and wanted to put up some further thoughts.

First, a lot of Leftists are claiming that this decision “proves” that we need single payer to make all these issues go away. Of course, the Left saw yesterday’s World Cup game as proof we need single payer. But the argument from the Hobby Lobby case is so poor that even Ezra Klein sees right … Read more

The Bill Comes Due

Remember all that talk about how Obamacare was going to save us all this money? Evil uncaring heretics like me pointed out that this was impossible. You can not insure more people and you can not outlaw cheap insurance without increasing healthcare costs. Romneycare saw costs soar after implementation because … funny story … when people have insurance they see the doctor more often. Even the dreaded ER visits went up.

But no, we just … Read more

The Triumph of Obamacare

I think it’s time for us on the blog to finally admit that Obamacare has been a roaring success, far in excess of what even the most optimistic supporters projected. I mean, just check out the numbers:

  • At least six million people have signed up for insurance on the exchanges, close to the seven million Obama hoped for. Now granted, only two million of those were previously uninsured; the rest were people who were already
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    Obamacare: How We Got Here

    In the fight over the debt ceiling and shutdown, it’s important to remember that Obamacare was brought to us and is still supported by a string of deceptions and obfuscations. You should really read Megan McArdle’s breakdown of 11 pieces of conventional wisdom about Obamacare. Here’s an example:

    4.Emergency room use will decline.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually seem to be true. In Massachusetts, ER visits actually rose post-Romneycare. It turns out that people use

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    As if this is an unexpected discovery

    While I could stress the “I told you so” part, the sad thing is that the left’s attempt to force healthcare money & decision making under the purveyance of an increasingly more hostile and totalitarian pseudo-fascist-marxist nanny state government, the reality is that we got screwed, and screwed hard by these fucking collectivist power hungry liars. From the article;

    Republicans have long blamed President Obama’s signature health care initiative for increasing insurance costs, dubbing

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    If you had any doubt about the end goal..

    Harry Reid, as bold as can be and without any reservation or shame, admits Obamacare’s real purpose is to facilitate the lefts dream of a government controlled single-payer healthcare system. From the horse’s mouth:

    In just about seven weeks, people will be able to start buying Obamacare-approved insurance plans through the new health care exchanges. But already, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is predicting those plans, and the whole system of distributing them, will

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    More pain from socio-engineering left-stupid. Obamacare edition.

    In another awesome lesson of why social engineering assholes should be considered dangerous idiots and not the doo-gooders they pretend to be, we learn that can not bend the laws of economics, regardless of what the collectivist scumbags pretend.

    It’s already happening across the country at fast-food restaurants, as employers try to avoid being punished by the Affordable Care Act. In some cases we’ve heard about, a local McDonalds has hired employees to operate

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    Wishful Thinking

    So the consensus, even among liberals, is that Obamacare did not have a good week at the Supreme Court. It was so bad, in fact, that I heard people speculating that the Solictor General deliberately did a bad job to get it struck down.


    The thinking is that if Obamacare is struck down, this will pave the way for … a single payer system. Seriously:

    In the face of a total strike down,

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    Montana Goes Canadian

    Really, Montana?

    Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Wednesday he will ask the U.S. government to let Montana set up its own universal health care program, taking his rhetorical fight over health care to another level.

    Like Republicans who object to the federal health care law, the Democratic governor also argues it doesn’t do enough to control costs and says his state should have more flexibility than the law allows. But Schweitzer has completely different plans

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