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Euro-Weenies Will Buy Anything

I saw this over at iowntheworld, (one of my favorite places on the net to waste time). One of the rules I live by is; When given a chance to poke fun at our friends across the pond………jump on it, here we go:


First question: Is the target demographic country specific or do you think all the European countries are included? My best guess on origin, either Italy or Spain, what’s yours? You might be asking ,”Why do you think this is a European commercial?”, child’s play. The ubiquitous bicycles and scooters, cobblestone streets (sans SUV’s and Hummers), hoity doity out door cafe’s, but the biggest tell-Americans would not fall for something this cheesy.

“And when I have a number 2, I look likeĀ  number 1″, whoa, that is some serious seismic shifting.


There was an interesting comment on the youtube page about how if this was a little girl prancing around and a courtyard full of men were leering at her, would it be so cutting edge, good question. Much like the oh so high-larious commercials we have here injecting women on men spousal abuse to sell some silly product and everyone laughs, I doubt they would be laughing if roles were reversed and the woman was the victim. But that is the society we live in.

I’m surprised they haven’t tried Prada diapers, or one’s with that cute little alligator embossed on it, next years fad.