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The Cost Of Freedom

Jobs, prosperity, and optimism may be in short supply these days, but irony is in abundance. During the Bush years (it seems like such a long time ago) a prevailing theme among the left was ,”Dissent is patriotic”, remember? All the squawking about the wars, the homeland security measures, and {perceived} unilateral attitude in dealing with international affairs, all things critical of Bush were punctuated by Dissent Is Patriotic, like wrapping themselves in the red, white and blue somehow validated their criticisms. Funny thing about that dissent thing, I guess it only goes one way.

I saw this over at weazel zippers, some guy in New Orleans has already gotten into the spirit and has displayed some unflattering signs about our president on his property, much to the consternation of those patriotic dissenters:

Many things are in play here. We have the racial element. No where that I could see was anything on those signs racial in nature, yet, and we knew this was going to happen as surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, any criticisms of Obama can be marginalized by wrapping it with that “racist” blanket. Notice the guy that said it was disrespectful, maybe, but so is Bush/Hitler and Bush/chimp, such is the manner is which some criticize. Notice the woman who said ,”It’s insulting, we mean that he going to have to take it down”, really? Or what? You folks going to storm the premises, trespass on his property and vandalize the signs? To tell you the truth, I am surprised they have not been vandalized already.

You can view images of the signs here. I think the Soros one is a bit goofy and detracts from the others, which has quite a bit of truth attached, albeit from a right leaning perspective.

I thought for sure that ex Mayor Naggan would set him straight, much like Obama going to Stockholm to instruct those folks that the Olympics WILL be going to Chicago, oh, that didn’t work out?

So now the city council is worried that a riot will break out (freedom of speech can rub some people the wrong way, pity) so they call the cops on Tim Reily, those signs are just inflaming the sensibilities of some folks, we can’t have that.

I suspect those stalwarts of freedom city council folks will find some obscure city code regulating the size of signs on private property and have them re worked. And Rev. Sharpton is on the line, he wants Reily arrested for inciting a riot.

I give this guy props for exercising his freedoms, although, depending on the area where he lives, he may pay a price for it. Living in the Bay Area, one truism, verified daily, is that Obama supporters can regale their vehicles with support all day long with no worries of retribution. This can not be said for the other side, and bumper stickers criticizing “The One” or supporting someone in opposition is just asking for it, and with a $500 deductible, realty limits my outward support.