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Hey Mr DJ: Perversion Edition

If, like me, you were stunned by the horrific events in Cleveland involving those kidnapped girls, you would not believe the week I have had. I can’t go into much detail, but serious acts of sexual misconduct occurred at my workplace AND my wife’s by sheer coincidence–completely unrelated to one another. In our own lives and involving people we know, it’s a true horror show. The consequences are front-and-center in our minds.

Is the world simply more dangerous for young girls or are we just more willing to talk about the big bad wolves in our midst? I have no answer to that. Somehow, it seems like girls are more vulnerable than ever despite two generations of supposed female empowerment.

And as for the sexual predators themselves. How did they get to be so brazen? Don’t they know that they are the one group society most wants to brutally execute? What makes a guy think that he can kidnap three women–one of them a girl he knew well–and that would just somehow work out? Teachers and priests and others work themselves into their victims’ lives in positions of trust. They reach that point and are willing to throw it all away for maybe a single act of really depraved sex. How do you protect your family and the youth of your community from such reckless insanity? What leads a man to betray everything he knows to be true and right in order to boink an innocent child? Do they deserve any pity or must we destroy them on sight?

Few of us can ever understand why they do it. Maybe they’re evil or acting out on their own previous victimization. Perhaps they just need the excitement or love the sense of vulnerability they find in their victims. Or maybe they really are sick fucks who deserve our slings and arrows. Pity them or annihilate them?

I don’t know.

But…there is no shortage of perverted music. This, I do know. That, and that these subhuman fucks all deserve death by castration.

Bring on:

1. Ewww Factor. Sex you don’t want to think about or know about. But you can enjoy the tune.

2. Rough Sex. BDSM, S&M, M&M’s, whatever. Violence against women is authorized. Exploitation? Sure. Be as big a dirtbag as you can.

3. Female Revenge: Hell hath no fury. And it is joyous to witness when it is so well-deserved.

No bonus. I’m ashamed of this very thread. I should have kept the Bassist Desires one going.

CM: Hatefuck by The Bravery (2)

WVR: Prison Sex by Tool (1)

stogy: Odalisque by The Decemberists (2)

InsipiD: Father Figure by George Michael (1, he’s totally singing this to a way younger dude. You didn’t know that at the time.)

Santino: Sister by She Wants Revenge (2)

pfluffy: Rough Sex by Lords of Acid (2)

Mississippi Yankee: I feel like you need to understand the glory of Steel Panther. Have an Asian Hooker on me, my friend.

Iconoclast: Man, I am so sorry for this thread. I know you’re a responsible Christian and all and couldn’t possibly approve of any of it. But I am a weak, evil fellow and can’t deny it. Pretty Tied Up by Guns N’ Roses

For those of you who do not wish to participate in these horrific musical sex crimes, I invite you to honorably add more to the Bassist Desires thread. Nobody will think any less of you.