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Lock Those Elbows

One thing we learned in 2008, the Obama machine, that accumulation of believers that craft the image then put that image out to the folks through various media venues, is formidable. And given what an empty suit he has turned out to be (turned out? OK, always has been) the presentation deserves even more accolades. The 2012 machine will have more cogs dedicated towards destroying the opposition. Hope and Change won’t work this time around, nor will running on results or a record of achievement, the primary effort will focus on making their guy look good by means of comparison, and Rick Perry has gotten their attention big time.

I have cautioned in the past about falling in love with candidates, all have warts, a crazy uncle or two, and several frat stories involving alcohol, loose women and maybe a barn yard animal (hopefully no video) and I’m certainly not 100% satisfied with the current GOP crop, but I’m liking some things I’m hearing about Perry, like this:

For some reason my buddy Melissa never told me she had this video of Gov. Rick Perry teaching me to shoot his Ruger last year (the one he shot the coyote with!). This is just too cool. I’ll say this about Gov. Perry. He is a down to earth guy. It wasn’t just me that he taught to shoot his gun that day. It was about 6 or 7 other Texas bloggers. I’ve had quite a few opportunities like this with the Governor because he is so willing to be with us regular folks.

Yes, she jerked the trigger, gotta work on that, but since Perry was instructing her under the guise of personal protection, not target shooting, the idea is to put the bad guy down and not put 3 in the “ten” ring. The Ruger is a nice little weapon for a girl, easily carried in a purse, but with the guy (I assume her husband) give him a man’s gun, a Glock 19 at least, or my preference, the Glock 20.

A Second Amendment guy, proficient at the shooting range, a nice foundation for any conservative platform. Perry is not there yet, some tweaking wrt his fundamentalism is needed, but there’s time to work on that.

I’m trying to picture in my mind Obama at the shooting range, hilarity would reign. If he shoots like he throws a baseball, maybe a squirt gun would be better.