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He’s Doing it Again

The one trick pony president, “Vote for me and I will give you stuff”, so tedious but so predictable.

Here is his latest alliteration:

Maybe because it is a rerun, but the genius president seems to have lost his mojo. Last go around even I was taken by his linguistic jujitsu, his verbal alacrity, his ability to turn a phrase and drill down an emotion to common verbiage. He connected with folks, sure, it was superfluous flummery designed more for emotive effect , not real solutions, but it did have the sheeple fainting in the aisles. Now he looks tired, lacks any inspiration to speak of, and spins his wheels trying to catch that perfect wave.

When you are not feeling it, got no act 2 to fall back on, the old tried and true of pandering to the pursuit of gain without working for it never loses it’s luster, so now we have the pursuit of shared prosperity.

Pie for everyone, and each getting equal size slices, now there is Obama’s vision, what he describes as moving forward. Here is epiphany Obama needs to experience, prosperity is not shared, it is earned. You don’t get to share in someone else’s prosperity, you don’t get to take prosperity out of my pocket and put it in yours, you don’t get prosperity handed to you gratis.

It gets closer to the truth where he says ,”You can make it if you try”, must of read that off the teleprompter, but at least this requires some effort, some accomplishments of your own and is not taken off the backs of others. Obama missed a golden opportunity here where he could have provided a blue print of success. Here, pies are infinite, and your slice is determined only on what you do with your self. Just because that rich guy has a big slice does not translate that you will be relegated to a smaller slice or no slice, make your own pie and you can have it all. Immigrants from all over the world come here for their slice of the pie, nowhere do you hear ,”Gee, all those rich people in America having all that pie, I guess there will be nothing left for me, might as well stay put”.

Here’s another question, remember the old union tactic of busing paid picketers in, paying people to walk picket lines? I can’t help but think the DNC grabs squeegy bums off the streets and offers them a couple bucks to attend these gatherings so when Obama poses the question of either forward or backward, they all yell in unison ,”forward”, like he’s still got it.