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Gauging Gaydar

How hard is it to judge a book by its cover? Similarly, how hard is it to look at a picture of someone and spot which way he bats? Are women in general better at it then men? The skeptic in me says that all this is horseshit:

If a woman tells you she can spot a gay man just by looking at him, don’t dismiss her claim out of hand.

Scientists say women really do have ‘gaydar’, which helps them spot whether a man is straight or gay just by looking at his face.

And the instinct is at its strongest when she is at her most fertile and in the mood for romance.

I’m still not convinced, isn’t this along the same lines as boxers or briefs, red meat or veggies, UFC or figure skating? (OK, strike that last one). But how can you possibly know? like guessing someone’s blood type. And that last past, about them being in the mood when they are most fertile, I understand a few thousand years of evolution being at work here but aren’t most women in the mood when they are not ovulating, with less chance of getting knocked up and more chance of enjoying themselves without stressing out?

I think guys are probably just as good at it, let’s put it to the test:

Here are 3 photo’s, you pick which one is gay

Here Here and Here

You lose, they are all gay, that did not work.

Let’s try another angle on this, are these girls straight or not? Damn, this is not easy.

‘These findings suggest women’s accuracy may vary across the fertility cycle because men’s sexual orientation is relevant to conception. It implies that inducing romantic or mating-related thoughts improved accuracy in identifying men’s sexual orientations.’

So, on the flip side, if I’m packing wood that must mean that she is in to me, got it.

I think it would be far easier if you carried a copy of this short gaydar test around with you, take it yourself just in case……….you know.