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Automatic Idiocy

Not to be disuaded by crime rates that are as low as we had in the 1960’s, the gun grabbers are once again trying to grab guns in the wake of a tragedy. We’ve pawed this ground plenty, but there is something I want to get off my chest. Here you can read an idiotic editorial by famous hypocrite and all-round power-monger Elliot Spitzer calling for a ban on “semi-automatic” weapons. It includes a photo of those feared semi-automatic weapons that, to my relatively untrained eye, seems to include several automatics, semi-automatics and what looks like a pump action. But, you know, they look bad so we can call them semi-automatic, which is a favorite scare term of the anti-gun zealots. In fact, “scary looks” are often the deciding factor. The assault weapons ban famously went after weapons that looked like automatic assault rifles but weren’t.

This confusion over the exact nomenclature of weapons seems to be common in gun control debates. A semi-automatic requires you to pull the trigger with each shot. It’s a fast action, but it’s not ridiculously so. Automatic, where you pull the trigger and the gun keeps firing until the magazine is empty, is what these dipshits are usually thinking of. And while semi-automatic includes scary weapons like the TEC-9 (which was mostly scary because it was easy to convert to fully automatic) it also includes just about every gun issued to federal and local law enforcement. In fact, 80% of the weapons made in the US are semi-automatic. You ban semi-automatics and people are defending themselves with revolvers and pump actions. Hell, if Spitzer had his way, we’d probably be down to muzzle loaders, if that. I’m sure that sounds fine to someone like Spitzer, who is rich and spent large parts of his life with bodyguards who had semi-automatic weapons. But many of us don’t fancy fumbling with a revolver hammer if our life is in danger.

(The main point of Spitzer’s op-ed is to suggest Obama and Bloomberg force the gun-makers to stop selling semi-automatic weapons by refusing to do business with them until they comply. Apart from the power-grab aspects of this, there’s a problem: it wouldn’t work. The private firearms industry is way too big for the gun-makers to ignore.)