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The Trayvon Martin case revisited.

Well, it now is starting to look to me like we where all had by histrionics and the usual LSM bullshit that is used to capitalize on anything that helps the left push their “America is an evil racist country” and “Guns are evil” narrative. As others come forth to give details about the Trayvon Martin incident, it is starting to look like those that piled on the police for not doing a thorough investigation, where also way off base.

The case that this was just some guy that wanted to pop someone and use this law to get away with it, as the slew of LSM stories furiously implied for the last week, seems to be non-existent, as the evidence the police looked at to come to the conclusion that nothing was out of order here, clearly shows that Zimmerman was in a fight and was in danger. The whole race argument seems to be demolished as well when you find out that Zimmerman himself is Hispanic, and has many black friends, including some that are coming forth to say they can not believe Zimmerman capable of being motivated by racism based on their personal experience with him. We are now even being told the voice screaming for help during the 9-11 call is Zimmerman’s, and I am sure voice analysis during any conclusive investigation, will deliver a verdict on that.

The arguments put forth that this was somehow people trying to sweep this case under the rug because of racist motives, and that this law was ripe for abuse by haters, now that cooler heads are prevailing, clearly show us that had we allowed the usual suspects to use emotion to push their agenda that we all would have lost. Trayvon’s death is a tragedy, but it isn’t looking like a hate crime, the actions of a trigger happy gunman hiding behind a self defense law the usual anti-gun crowds despise, the police being negligent in their investigation, or a combination of all of that, like the people that wanted to go after the law, told us all last week.